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Due to some rumblings, I did some digging. I made some calls, texted a few and basically received a few universal answers:

-OG Emery Jones is committing soon to LSU, excited by the Tigers' tyrannical haul of O-linemen.

-In a video posted by, LSU's 5 star OT Will Campbell was talking about recruiting fellow O-linemen at camps. He named highly ranked Humble, Texas OL pair Kelvin Banks and Kam Dewberry as targets he's tried to recruit.

He finished by saying he's down with "anyone" joining who "wants to win a National Championship".

I'm also being advised our Jones/Carter/Baker power trio are leading such an upward trend on the defensive side of the ball, it has impressed DE Shemar Stewart to no end:

Especially when hearing about freshman DT Maason Smith's skyrocketing rise or B.J Ojulari's destruction off the edge last year....

With NFL Legend and should-be HOF Andre Carter in tow, while Blake Baker plays assist-man as Coach Orgeron dictates the push, there's a full force pursuit for Stewart from all angles.

Incredibly, I was told by a strong source that Stewart's chase is "already surpassing the work LSU put in" for last year's 5 star DE prize (and #1 overall player) Korey Foreman.

Though this same source was gung ho about the Florida edge rusher closing in on a commitment, I personally feel Shemar won't be making a decision until December, I just have a gut vibe... but you never know.

Then there's LSU's continuing hunt for Safety Kamari Wilson out of IMG. We discussed his developing recruitment in our piece on the new staff's recruiting methods.

I have a personal instinct about this young man:

If LSU can sign Kamari Wilson as well as 5 star Jacoby Mathews, these two signings would supply LSU with back to back #1 safety classes.

No one's talking about him, but he's a name to really pay attention to.

If LSU fails to get him, he could fall into the wrong hands.

-FROM @aperkins2113:

Athlete Kendrick Law is being courted by both Daronte Jones (for Safety) and now OC Jake Peetz who's intrigued with Law's receiving abilities.

TE Jake Johnson was there to watch the Tigers Scrimmage alongside his family on Saturday.

Regardless of the fact LSU's staff couldn't speak to him due to NCAA rules, Johnson was impressed with what he saw out there from the Tigers' offense.

He's digging Jake Peetz, but he's also keeping his eyes open for any and all opportunities.

Jake is his own man, but at the same time, the Johnson brothers are exceedingly close and a chance to align once again would be hard to pass up.

He plans to throw with his brother after the semester's end when Max returns to Georgia for a spell, tightening their chemistry even further.



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SHOUTOUTS: My amazing lady Chelsea, none of this is possible without you! I love you baby!

Also, big SHOUTOUT to LSU's Lead digital reporter Cody Worsham for the kind words.

We won't stop supporting our Tigers, EVER. During a 5-5 season, opt outs, unrest, a G.O.A.T season, a 2 loss title win...countless bullying of Oklahoma....

We've been there through it all and I feel so privileged to be alive in this era of LSU football.

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