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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

FOLLOW @LonnPhillips Over the past week, 2024's #1 QB & Tiger commit Colin Hurley visited LSU, getting to know Louisiana as well as Brian Kelly's program inside & out, meeting potential future teammates and coaches on a whole new level.... As for LSU faithful, national recruiting experts, college football pundits, and the curious fan....a brilliant piece of footage (shot by Tiger Details' Julie Boudwin) affirmed his ultimate potential: The future offensive talisman took to the field at 7 v 7 tournament Battle New Orleans, lighting up defenders while enlightening LSU's fanbase to his impending rise; but the headline off platform throw he produced stole the show:

Turning to his left, away from a defender crashing down right in his face, Hurley squared up as he reeled back from the defender, putting serious touch on a lofted pass, showcasing his snap quick release and crossfire velocity.

Landing between the outstretched hands of two defensive backs, straight into the hands of Hurley's intended target, the pass & move from LSU's 2024 QB spat directly in the face of physics. Touchdown. Many curious LSU fans were in attendance, intrigued by the wide array of talent on display at this last weekend's camp. However, Hurley stole the show, imprinting his name on the national LSU Tiger consciousness after his stunning "Mahomes-esque" touchdown throw. But this moment of defined elevation (concerning Hurley's trajectory) isn't completely based on a sliver of outrageous film: The film was the cherry on top.... The reason Hurley is already a much beloved Tiger stems from the way Colin steadfastly represents the new culture and ethos of Kelly-era LSU.

As jealous rivals clench their fists in wondrous anger at LSU's coveted 2024 class president, Hurley continues to improve by the day; Already sporting an elite athletic frame combined with his advanced passing acumen, next level intelligence and winning character, the Trinity Christian senior is starting to become one of the most anticipated freshman Tiger arrivals in recent memory. Although you never want to put too much pressure on freshmen, especially quarterbacks, Colin "The Terminator" Hurley seems to eat adversity for breakfast.

He's still raw, he must improve in a few areas, yet in recruiting & gaining the Florida-native's commitment, Head Coach Brian Kelly, QBs Coach Joe Sloan, offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock, and offensive assistant Dean Petzing just struck a gold mine. #QBU


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Ken Wall
Ken Wall
Mar 20, 2023

I can't wait to see him in the purple & gold. It's an exciting time to be a Tiger fan. May the Lord bless this young man and always go before him.


Mar 15, 2023

It’s hard to stay focused on the upcoming season and what it has in store for us while containing my excitement to see Colin slinging that ball for LSU at the same time. Yeesh! 💜💛💜🐯


He had me when they indicated he has similar velocity to Mahones when he was at the Combine. The world is in front of this young man if he simply follows the LSU total development plan.

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