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LSU's roster just took another major hit for 2022:

After a career full of transfer fears at every turn despite his declared loyalty, All-American CB and likely future first round NFL Draft pick Eli Ricks is entering his name into the transfer portal, as reported by Rivals Mastermind Sam Spiegelman.

Dealing with a shoulder injury since his junior year of high school, Eli arrived banged up as a freshman, and yet still managed to record one of the greatest freshman seasons at the cornerback position, allowing just 6 catches from a mere 19 targets, illustrating how his reputation as a dangerous target proceeded him.

From the other 13 passes which came his way, Eli picked off 4 passes in just 9 games...compared to Stingley's 6 in 15, Eli's freshman 2020 campaign stands as an eternal majesty of DBU greatness....but what now?

After opting out of another solid season to have corrective surgery on his shoulder, Ricks' sophomore year still had a few highs: 1 INT during a homecoming game at the Rose Bowl, a few brutal tackles on the outside or in the backfield.....but his season, much like his partner Derek Stingley Jr, was cut awfully too short.

Now, after it seemed the question had already been answered a few thousand times, the cat is out of the bag: Ricks will enter his name into the transfer portal.

Is this exploratory?

Is he waiting for LSU to name the right guy and then he'll reaffirm his commitment?

Is Eli perhaps broken hearted about his shoulder, lack of games alongside Derek, the way things were supposed to be at LSU suddenly turned into a complete shit show the second his class arrived after the title game...first the pandemic, the disastrous handling of social justice & Title IX issues, the embarrassing manner in which Coach Ed Orgeron dictated over his, a 5-6 season, barely winning over ULM, witnessing the mass social media apathy and disgust from Tiger fans, answering the question a billion times about his status after saying "I'm going nowhere"....

But we never heard much directly from Eli, if at all...only through his mother Shauna has anyone, from LSU Odyssey to Matt Moscana or Brody Miller, received any declarative statements on behalf of Eli.

With a thriving real estate business in both Southern California and Baton Rouge, Shauna can take her talents anywhere. Meanwhile, Eli's younger brother Caleb recently stopped playing football and switched to basketball....could that also play a role here in deciding to uproot once again?

LSU Odyssey have reached out to Shauna, a friend of ours after these 2 years, but we won't be sharing anything unless she permits, as this is her son's future and we want to respect that.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to know why...

Is this over for real?

Or, to quote Jim Carrey, are you saying there's a chance?



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SHOUTOUTS: We still love you Eli

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1 Comment

Whatever way this goes, we will always wonder what might have been. Like Brennan, the wind has never been to his back here. I can only hope his love for The Tigers surpasses this adversity.

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