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The following is another excerpt from LSU ODYSSEY's near-Grammy nominated spoken word rap album THE 2020 LSUODYSSEY.COM TIGERS ALMANAC, available here.





2019 STATS:

-84 receptions from 106 total targets

-6 games of 2+ TDs (4 vs Vandy)

3rd down conversions: 10

1st downs: 60

58 Gains of 15+ yards

-8 TDs of 50+ yards (NCAA record)

-6 TDs, five 120+ yard games (vs 7 Top 10 teams)

-Championship Game record for receiving

-23 Catches After Creating Full Separation

-Made opp. Miss 18x after catch

-5 dropped passes

(1 dropped TD vs Clemson)

-6 passes (2 TDs) caught while Interfered

-Drew 9 PI flags

-21.2 yards per catch

               How does one prepare themselves, both mentally and physically to top 20 TDs and nearly 2,000 yards?

               How can you top three games over 220 yards, including in the National Championship Game???

               You have Ja'Marr Chase on your team again... that's how.

               I don't think he'll fail to top the nation's receiving yards again, regardless of Joe Burrow's absence, he's just that unstoppable as an elite aerial threat and yards after catch turbine, touchdowns or not.

                Myles Brennan will look for him first and foremost, and so will every defensive coordinator across the nation....but we witnessed the greatest defensive minds of our era, as well as countless top DB talent, try to stop him in vain (a few of these guys were taken in the first few rounds of the NFL Draft)...

                Plus, Chase's sickening aerial scope is only matched by his ability after the catch, torching opponents for big plays every time he touches the ball, setting a CFB record 21.2 yards per catch.

Bullish strength remains Ja'Marr's secret weapon, but his greatness also lies in his unselfishness, team-first ethos which will position him as a serial winner for the foreseeable future.

                 Our new #7 is poised for a year in which the pressure ratchets up to the highest maximum, all eyes on Ja'Marr as he dances with immortality and geauxs FULL-BRONSON towards the all time receiving marks.

               Already an LSU Legend and still on campus, having broken many of WR Legend Josh Reed's records, Chase is aiming for the all time Tiger receptions, yards and TDs marks, needing 1,220 yards and 4 TDs to pass Josh Reed and Dwayne Bowe's respective records.

              If he produces even half of what the most conservative analysts are projecting for his 2020 haul, he could still be the greatest all time SEC receiver on statistics alone...and he still has another year of eligibility after 2020...

             The greatness of Chase isn't just in what he provides from his own hands, the magic is also found in the space Ja'Marr's mercurial threat supplies for LSU's receivers:

            Due to opposition secondaries being forced to contend with Chase's millennium falcon triathlon, there's a ludicrous amount of room for Terrace Marshall, Trey Palmer, Racey McMath, Koy Moore, Arik Gilbert or Kayshon Boutte to turn every top CFB defense into hysterical limp bizkit.

            While corners end up looking like Andy Dick cast in 300 when attempting to cover Chase, the free safeties will always suck in to help the flailing corner, recognizing the former Rummel High Raider's repeated danger, thus immediately affording Myles Brennan an open throw over the top or a legitimate gate of space across the middle (pay attention to Chase's decoy routes and hard work opening up the field for Jefferson, Moss and Marshall vs Georgia and Oklahoma to know how he may evolve).

             In a season where the offense may see more action in the running game than 2019, we still don't see any way Ja'Marr's numbers and influence should, would, could or will go down...

As we speak, Myles has been geauxing over red zone offense and a variety of other routes during isolated voluntary practices, Mickey Joseph's receivers fully participating and echoing the work ethic of our passing game from the fabled year prior.

Because of Chase tweeting out "head down, work hard" messages, barely saying a word and remaining more bland than a tuna fish sandwich held by Bill Belichick, we know none of the accolades or honors have diminished his willingness to improve...

Already the best receiver in college football, Ja'Marr Chase is aiming to become the greatest to catch a pass out wide at the collegiate level...potentially achieving this maverick plateau in a little more than 2 seasons...

             We can only forecast drastic improvements, such is his boundless, Stradivarius talent combined with Ja'Marr's football IQ and never-ending work ethic....but also, such is LSU's own dependence upon Chase's Cirque Du Soleil mutiny against gravity.

Chase wins games by his mere presence...a rarity in football which should be relished and enjoyed by every football fan ready for high octane entertainment. Get the popcorn and gummy bears ready, Chase is geauxin to the moon...

PROJECTIONS: 1,777 Yards, 16+ TDs;

Chase will surpass 2,000 yards if & when LSU qualifies for the CFP Playoff

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