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         After the 2021 class has already drawn such ludicrous talents thus far, filling needs all across our roster, from transcendental quarterback Garrett Nussmeier (8th rated pro style quarterback in the country, and a long term Ensminger project pre-dating Joe Burrow), defensive end Landon Jackson (104th overall rated player in the 2021 class, 5th ranked wide defensive end), Georgia native LB Zavier Carter (an Arden Key twin who went to the same high school as the former LSU great), Mater Dei's electric LB Raesjon Davis (38th overall, 4th rated player in California and the 3rd overall linebacker), St. James's wrecking ball DE Saivion Jones, the gifted WR Deion Smith following from Mississippi (7th overall WR and 59th ranked player in the nation), versatile speedster wide out Jo Jo Earle also coming over from's now abundantly clear LSU are now building themselves quite the 2021 class..with a perfect bedrock establishment of magnetic, high profile personnel and plenty of room for the next 7-8 months until signing day.

                A large expansion of the LSU brand occurred during last fall's rampant conquering of college football, while the interesting personalities and genuine "rock and roll" vibe emanating from Orgeron's players, coaching staff and supporting personnel has harvested these fantastic commitments, not to mention #1 rated cornerback Elias Ricks committing on the spot following LSU's annihilation of Alabama, or corner Cordale Flott defecting away from Saban's Crimson Tide and contributing heavily during the national title run....

...the impression left by Orgeron's honest assessments, calculated decision-making, and the manner in which his teams always mirrored his larger than life persona on the field, have all attracted big time athletes from all over the country to flock towards LSU....and the 2021 class became even more solidified when recently receiving hard commits from a top 3 safety in the country (by our ratings) Mr. Khari Gee, followed by securing the best running back in Ohio, the thunderkissed blitzfunk of Corey Kiner;

Just the other day, the Tigers added an imperative piece to the puzzle, bulldozing left tackle and extremely underrated talent: Michigan's Garrett Dellinger, all players becoming absolute necessities and future focal pointa within Orgeron's roster.

            The Tigers are even cleaning up on the "quarterback futures" trail, stacking a long line of dynastic, intelligent, no ceiling young men:

Leading with long-term 2021 Ensminger-project Garrett Nussmeier, then Lafayette's 2022 devastator Walker Howard behind Nussmeier...and backing up Jamie Howard's son would be Zachary's 2023 QB Eli Holstein, both off the charts leaders, passers and students of the game....all of whom would follow Joe Burrow's undefeated, Heisman reign, two years of Myles Brennan getting his chance, then a battle between 2020's T.J Finley or Max Johnson, both fantastic, albeit raw quarterbacks already; there's superb 2020 talent Walker Kinney out of Kansas, a heart full of soul backyard kid who runs like Joe but needs to develop his passing strength to make a push...who's next for Ensminger's QBU?

               2021's 5 star weapon of asskicking destruction Caleb "Superman" Williams as a superbly stupendous 4th of July gift????

               Who knows, only time and hard work will tell, however after encouraging Garrett Dellinger to come to Baton Rouge, the dominos will begin to fall for an LSU class already chock full of scintillating wunderkinds, their prodigious potential ready to meet LSU's developmental alchemy.

              The next areas Orgeron must shore up for the next few seasons, especially when considering the 2021 NFL Draft departures and graduations??? Offensive line, safety and wide receiver.

               Losing safeties Jacoby Stevens, Kary Vincent as seniors after 2020 (Eric Monroe heading for the transfer portal), wide receivers Ja'Marr Chase, Terrace Marshall, Racey McMath, Jontre Kirklin departing all in one class, O-line coach James Cregg saying goodbye to senior Austin Deculus and perhaps junior Ed Ingram if he feels the necessity to forego his final where do LSU's next targets lie?

               Securing these local extraordinary Boys from the Boot is the priority:

#1 Ranked 2021 safety and return specialist Sage Ryan (also Kevin Faulk's cousin), #4 and #10 ranked wide receivers overall Walker High's Brian Thomas and Zachary's Chris Hilton, Dellinger's Clarkston High teammate offensive guard Rocco Spindler, offensive tackle Tristan Leigh, defensive ends Maason Smith and his friend California native, Clemson decommit, as well as the #1 overall rated player in the country, Mr. Korey Foreman.

               Beginning at safety, our primary secondary target is Sage Ryan, an elite athlete (if he's related to RBs Coach and LSU Legend Kevin Faulk he must be) and another brickhouse powerhouse of singular attributes, predicting offensive schemes from the safety position pre-snap, organizing the front seven and manipulating coverages, able to flow from man to zone or the line of scrimmage to the back end with no problem, proving difficult to throw over, and providing finishing hits across the middle.


               Sage is the most explosive defensive player in Louisiana, catching only 3 passes for 62 yards and a touchdown and rushing only once...for a 42 yard touchdown.

               Sage Ryan is still an embryonic, raw talent just discovering his powers, but under Safeties Coach Bill Busch and DBU Miyagi Corey Raymond, Ryan will be able to harness his incendiary potential into a blockbusting playmaker within DBU's hallowed majesty.

              And since Mickey Joseph must look for a variety of players to make up for the upcoming losses of Terrace Marshall and Ja'Marr Chase's 37 combined career touchdowns and consistent big play magic, we've already snagged two fantastic wide outs: Jo Jo Earle (an Early Doucet / Percy Harvin carbon copy) and Deion Smith....but Walker High's Brian Thomas possesses a rare package of size, strength, speed and aerial mobility / IQ which would perfectly compliment Jo Jo's virtuosic (deceptively bruising) burst or Deion's dynamite hands & iron will.


              At 6'4 185, Brian Thomas Jr stands high above social distancing DBs, absorbs throttling, violent contact as if opponents were brushing him with the frosting of a cake, his firm and robust torso and cannonball thighs remain capable of barreling through, twisting around or driving would be tacklers into molten mush...and with his Herculean wingspan, all he has to do is reach up for touchdowns; still, if Brian must jump over cornerbacks, he can leap with the best, catching as much air as Laird Hamilton (A.D's joke).

            As a two sport star kicking ass on Walker's basketball team, 2019 was a fantastic year for Brian Thomas, the receiver posting 17 touchdowns, 1,500+ yards and 17 yards per catch, a brilliant stat line clearly pointing out Brian's multi-dimensional range of receiving skills.

            Thomas has LSU and Alabama vying for his services, both among his final top four. Brian hasn't released a commitment date or countdown, however, Alabama were 5 months late in first offering Thomas, LSU officially offering Thomas on June 22nd, 2018 (shortly after Texas A&M and Florida).

            With a final four of the Tigers, the Tide, Georgia and A&M, Thomas is a must for Mickey Joseph and his WRs room...if we cannot secure his services, a rival will.

             Still, bet the house, the dog, the truck... all of it on Thomas becoming a Tiger at WRU, looking to shatter records and stencil his name next to Kennison, Byrd, Clayton, Doucet, Dupre, Bowe, OBJ, Landry, Chark, Jefferson, Chase, a long line of Excalibur Tiger receivers.

              And we hope Chris Hilton joins him, the local high flying force being another 2021 mastermind of DB inferiority, turning corners inside out on his long, mazy runs after catch.


The Zachary senior already has a state title thanks to his 80+ yard wonderplay vs West Monroe, lighting up the Superdome in spectacular fashion as a sophomore.

              Showing a deceiving cut and disturbing ability to disrupt his pace, sticking his foot in the ground with authority, sending the best corners in Louisiana high school football back to kindergarten on his way into the end zone....Hilton's a warrior.

               Surviving a scary injury which set his junior year back, Hilton rose from the ashes, battled adversity and grew as a player during the difficult 2019 season: Chris is exactly the kind of battle-tested, gridiron fighter we want at our school.

               Each one of these 2021 targets are more than achievable, they're not a shopping list of favorite toys: EVERY single young man would receive their best shot at a professional future within Orgeron's program....

....just as Garrett Dellinger recently found out:

LSU isn't just the smart choice...LSU is the right choice. 






Shoutouts to: Jamer, welcome back, Maryrose hope you're doing good, my work buddy Robert for being a good friend, Stan Alon for his humor and loyalty, Harold for his hilarity, his bold integrity and his asskicking brilliance and AD the man, the encyclopedia, the friend.

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