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It's quite a conundrum when LSU's most experienced program representative may also be among the team's least traveled concerning on field appearances....such is the bizarre saga of Myles Brennan at LSU, but this fall will be his ultimate college conclusion, forging the fact:

Myles returning after a brief spell in the transfer portal will either be the moment he's been waiting 5 1/2 years for or a gamble gone wrong....either way, there is no beating around this bush: August fall camp will define his LSU career.

2022 is Brennan's last shot at his thus-far Pyrrhic destiny: becoming the LSU starter we always expected him to be in 2017, 2018 (before Burrow's transfer), 2020 and embroiled in his 5th QB room battle; Conversely, this fall will also be his last serious opportunity to command significant attention from NFL GMs or scouts.

Will he cash in on an unbelievable fourth chance?

It's hard not to root for Myles Brennan's success; displaying class, leadership and more patience than Job throughout his 6 years at LSU....but now is the time for results.

Myles grasps that fact better than anyone.....after watching Danny Etling run a rugged offense failing to maximize LSU's skill weapons, witnessing Joe Burrow win a National Championship in the most storybook fashion one could imagine, before suffering in 2020 as his starting job was ripped away due to a horrific abdominal injury; next, as if salt wasn't embedded into his wounds enough, last year he had to look on as Max Johnson took over at QB while he stood on the sidelines due to another has to be the time for Brennan to be the one all eyes are fixated upon.

How can Myles become LSU's starter?

First, he has to win over the team; Without an overriding belief from LSU's coaches or offensive leaders like Boutte, Bech, Emery, Turner, Nabers & specifically the O-line, it'll be awfully tough for Coach Kelly to push Brennan's starting candidacy.

Second, #15 must show some versatility outside of his heralded arm (which needs to improve as well), specifically in the pressure evasion / play-extension department.

Will he have the legs?

Third, LSU's sixth year senior has to elevate his situational game on 3rd down or inside the red zone, prime fundamentals for any great quarterback.

For all his gaudy statistical output over his 3 starts, Myles came up short on 3rd down, just 9/39 (vs Miss State, Vanderbilt and an outrageous 0/10 vs Missouri).

Fourth, just stay healthy, his biggest issue so far.

Hopefully the added weight will protect Myles from vicious hits, although if he were to endure yet another season-ending injury, it could spell the end for Myles' career. He has to be able to escape pressure if he's going to survive a full schedule, especially after the injuries he's sustained.

We've never seen him possess any capability for evading sacks, hits or is the time to show LSU what he can do.

If Myles can produce all four, how could Coach Kelly deny him?







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