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LSU's first major quarterback domino has toppled over....

As we've predicted all off-season, one of LSU's four quarterbacks would leave the program before Week 1 vs Florida be clear, I'm shocked it took so long.

For the second time since November, Myles Brennan isn't a Tiger, leaving the program after 6 long seasons....all after being told he wouldn't be LSU's choice in 2022. The news was simultaneously reported by LSU Odyssey and the Jordy Culotta Show.

Myles is retiring from football....a very sad ending.

Occuring right after Brennan's strongest practices ever at LSU and while Garrett Nussmeier recovers from a small ankle problem, the decision to depart LSU is an odd case of timing.

I always believed this was a two man race between Nussmeier and Daniels, with Myles hanging around.....

Many LSU fans wanted a storybook ending for Myles' purple and gold career, but across a tenure blighted by 2 season ending injuries, the loss of a QB battle to Heisman-winner Joe Burrow, and a tentative return under Brian Kelly (many expected to be cut short), this is the perfect ending for #15's 6 years at LSU.

A stop-start career, hurt by his own actions (slipping and breaking his humerus while wearing flip flops on a boat), haunted by a brutal abdominal tear which ended his only starting stint, I also believe Myles was never the same after playing second fiddle to Joe Burrow in 2019.

How can you follow that guy?

How can you escape the fans comparing & contrasting your own abilities to Joe?

Following a guy like Joe Burrow can tame a man's wildest instincts....

At the end of the day, Brennan loved life at LSU; He was extremely comfortable & respected around Baton Rouge...but he was never going to be Brian Kelly's quarterback.



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