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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

by Lonn Phillips Sullivan


This is totally 2020 for us at LSUODYSSEY...writing one thing, sealing it with first hand sources and then bam, weeks later EVERYTHING changes...

What in the name of voodoo is geauxing on?

Opt outs...transfers...such little depth within the trenches (on both sides of the line) and yet here LSU were, poised and ready to take on the upcoming season.

There were no excuses made, the "next man up" mentality was being signed, sealed and espoused by every player, coach or team associate inside the program... even after losing the greatest player in college football Ja'Marr Chase, FS/CB Kary Vincent Jr (one of the top DBs in the nation, 4 INTs and 13 PDs last year), 90% of the offensive line caught Covid or were forced to isolate, 4 key D-linemen (Shelvin & Farrell opting out, Thomas and McLendon transferring closer to home in Alabama & Georgia respectively) seemed like LSU's roster was torn to shreds throughout August...and the names above weren't the only losses...we know about the Brooks, Parrish & Monroe transfers, the Donte Starks & Ray Parker suspensions...

Many across college football, especially those who hated the Tigers (or had their asses kicked in 2019 by Burrow & co) mocked LSU viciously, c