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A lot of talk is focused around linebackers Mike Jones Jr and Greg Penn III, while returning super senior Micah Baskerville has been forced to fend for scraps in the 3rd string setup during Spring & now early in fall camp, barely receiving a mention from Coach Brian Kelly during a press conference question concerning LSU's linebacker depth.

Even in that moment, I doubt our 2019 veteran LB was filled with much confidence from his Head Coach. Widely expected to be a returning starter for Matt House's defense, Baskerville has instead been subject to the perimeter of linebacker priorities. A shocking development??

Regardless of the mystery as to why Micah has found himself relegated, Baskerville placed second in team tackles last year, behind only Damone Clark, then trailing just Clark and safety Jacoby Stevens in would think he is the perfect candidate to bleed young LBs such as Harold Perkins, Kolbe Fields or West Weeks.

Surely you'd expect his veteran presence to be counted on with such a young defense.

A veteran of 2019's National Championship squad, the last remaining linebacker from that unit alongside Jared Small, Baskerville remains a cold-blooded "brutality hound" on the gridiron, moving from strength to strength in 2021.

Will he become an outsider within defensive coordinator Matt House's nickel packages (featuring 2 linebackers) or could LSU's title-winner usurp sophomore Greg Penn III for a spot next to Mike Jones Jr, no matter what formation?

It's hard to say, but I wouldn't be shocked if Baskerville continues to find himself on the sidelines or heads to the portal.

My only guess as to why Baskerville isn't counted on so far?

His academic Ineligibility back in December and January rubbed Kelly's staff the wrong way....something he may not be able to overcome.

OUR MICAH BASKERVILLE CONTENT By LONN PHILLIPS SULLIVAN @LonnPhillipsCopyright 2022 Uninterrupted Writings Inc

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