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Updated: Apr 8, 2022




Over the past few weeks, we caught up with one of the best Texas gems of the 2024 class: Tice Williams, an elite all-arounder playing wide receiver, free safety as well as running back or corner.

Standing 6'2 and weighing in at 171, watching his film made you realize just how lengthy Tice is, although with the length comes stout physicality:

Over his first season in varsity ball, Tice mostly received snaps from the shotgun at running back, breaking through players, refusing to go down, running with violence and agility as he discovers where he can take his game next.

During this upcoming year, Tice should only continue to grow at least a few more inches, plus adding his experience rushing the ball, I believe Williams is primed to become a fantastic receiver by the end of his high school playing days.

Plying his trade at College Park High School within the Woodlands, Houston, Williams also doubles playing for the Texas Fury 7 v 7 squad, who's coaching staff first made me aware of the young man.

Whatever you think of his film, hold your feelings until you see how this young man thinks, feels and expresses himself....I stood aside in impressed magnetism throughout our conversations:

LONN: Tice! How are you doing?

TICE: I'm great! Nice to meet you!

LONN: Nice to talk to you too!! How are your family doing? How's school?

TICE: My family is doing well, my grades and mental health in school have never been better.

LONN: Yes!!! That makes me feel good to hear, because you young kids have been through too much over the past two years. Everyone feeling ok with Covid, etc?

Looks like Covid is on its way out finally!

TICE: Yes sir, thankfully Covid hasn’t been a major problem with my family! Everyone is doing really good now and is healthy.

LONN: That's fantastic to hear! Tice, when did you start playing the game?

TICE: I started playing football in a 5th grade little league called SCFL.

LONN: What did that experience teach you at that young age about the game?

TICE: Those experiences taught me that in football you can’t be a nice boy if that makes sense. You have to be the most aggressive on the field, and have confidence within yourself to know that you can make plays.

LONN: That makes perfect sense! I love it!!! Who are the men or women most responsible for your growth & development as a young man & football player?

TICE: I would have to say my Dad and my work ethic have been the most responsible for my growth and development as a football player.

LONN: What makes your father such an influence on your growth?

TICE: My father is the biggest influence on my growth because once I told him that I wanted to go D1 and make it to the league, he has encouraged and pushed me until I get to that level. Also he has put me in the right situations.

LONN: What does it mean to you, work ethic? Does how hard one works define them or are we defined by the results / rewards we were able to get?

TICE: I would say people are defined by the results because you need to work hard for one to get the rewards and results, but if someone works hard but doesn’t execute, then they won’t be noticed.

LONN: It's a catch 22! As an athlete....What is your best position you think? What is your favorite position?

TICE: I would say my best position would be anywhere the coach needs me, but my favorite is WR.

LONN: Has there ever been a time where a Coach says "hey you gotta make sure you do this or this" and he explains it to you and you don't agree with the strategy? How would you handle that situation?

TICE: I would tell him what I think is better, but if he disagrees, it is my job as the athlete to go execute what he tells me to do.

LONN: You're a student of the game then?? I asked that because I wanted to see if you'd question a coach, not because it's wrong to do, but because YOU watch film and study the opponent, too. The best idea always wins...

TICE: I totally agree with what you're saying.

LONN: Do you watch a lot of film of your own game?

TICE: Always, I’m always looking for where I can improve and how to adjust to defenses.

LONN: What are you looking for most when watching film?

TICE: As a WR how much separation I can get on a route, and how I can adjust my routes against coverages in the future. On defense I look for if I’m getting to the ball carrier before he can pick up speed, if I’m wrapping up on tackles, and if I’m making the QB double guess where he wants to go.

LONN: You got Mamba Mentality, son. Who are your favorite players?

TICE: I would have to say Deebo Samuel and Jalen Ramsey.

LONN: What do you think Jalen Ramsey is doing with his Super Bowl film?

TICE: I think Jalen is watching how Chase beat him on that go ball, and seeing how he had his eyes in the back field to long. Also I'm a huge 49ers fan, so Deebo is my favorite player.

LONN: Maaaan I love that....I was thinking of that same play. Nice eyes for details. Do you feel love for one side of the ball more than the other, Tice??

TICE: I wouldn’t say I love one side more than the other, but I’m more comfortable with the offensive side.

LONN: So receiver? Or would you like to be a dual threat weapon, no limit to the schemes you can be deployed? Because that's where I see you developing when I watch your tape.

TICE: I want to be a factor on both sides of the ball, anywhere I can make a play to benefit the team.

LONN: Tice! When you think of favorite schools which ones come to mind?

TICE: Any school that’s in the south. I’m not picky with colleges, it’s more of if the culture and the environment is a good fit.

LONN: Who has really stood out to you in your recruitment as schools that have the culture & environment you're looking for?

TICE: LSU, Baylor, Texas, USC, Florida State, Florida, Kentucky, & Duke. I like schools like that.

LONN: Which coaching staff have you become most familiar with?

TICE: I don’t really know that much because I’m sophomore, but Baylor and UT have liked and I heard about them liking me the most.



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SHOUTOUTS: Tice, you are one of the most intelligent young men I've ever spoken to in my time writing and covering recruiting. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! LET'S GEAUX!

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The fact he likes the way Deebo plays is a good thing. That proves his mindset of toughness and do whatever is needed to succeed. You are on this young man very early, and he has winner written all over him.

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