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I hate to say this, but after impressing mightily throughout 2019's title run (to the point most analysts went overboard and said he had to start over Eli Ricks), Flott was egregiously disappointing throughout much of 2020...I hate to put blame on one Tiger, although when watching the film, there can be no doubt:

LSU lost games due to our DBs' repeated blown coverage and Flott was a central part of that...I hate to say it... yet here we are, with his reps on repeat....we became so accustomed to seeing the back of his jersey I began to think his regular technique was with his back to the defender....

All jokes aside, Cordale Flott has a lot to improve, I will not just sit back and pretend his serial blown coverages didn't happen...his secondary play was ghastly last fact, I've never seen a single DB torched so much in a single season....ever.

By the end of the Alabama game, Flott had allowed 7 TDs while surrendering 0.87 TDs per game, led by 2 back-breaking scores vs Saban's unit.

It went beyond a mental thing for Cordale last year....he couldn't shake it off...we're not just talking about touchdowns, #25 allowed an innumerable amount of big gains...beaten right at the line, turned inside out on the scissor routes (receivers running Flott directly into Derek Stingley Jr on more than a few long passes and touchdowns).

Though it was due to his inability to cover slot receivers which hurt LSU most:

Simply put, Mac Jones, Connor Bazelak, K.J Costello and Bo Nix just ignored Ricks or Stingley on the outside and went right at Flott continuously...and why wouldn't they?

It became too easy...he was a liability in behind....but he wasn't way...

Look at Miss State: with 14 minutes and 20 seconds left in the 4th quarter, our DBs allowed three different receivers to post 132 yards simultaneously from only 5-6 abject, pants-soaking embarrassment...

Flott will take solace in the fact that Eli Ricks allowed a bad touchdown vs Miss State himself, Jay Ward was beaten in the corner of the end zone against Ole Miss, Stingley gave up the catch of the's be very clear, although Flott was the second least reliable DB on the team (just in front of Darren Evans), I actually feel Cordale could pull a complete 180 shift for 2021.

While I may have tallied the negatives, I also went hard after the positive evidence Flott gave us from last year:

The slot corner actually played extremely well against Texas A&M, batting passes on 3rd down, forcing incompletions with disciplined coverage and throwing himself around in order to complete smart tackles. In fact, early on vs the Aggies, Cordale smacked a Kellen Mond pass up into the air, unable to get to the falling pigskin as it hit the grass...despite all the crap he'd been through, Cordale was an inch away from a pick six in a tight 20-7 game where everything mattered.

Close...but no cigar...

Flott even punched the ball out of two opponents' hands during his wayward season, socking the ball out of bounds and the other on a play called back for a flag after a Travez Moore recovery...he shows a divine knack for that type of aggressive play and I want to see more from the young man: it's one of his more singular assets.

If he's turned on, tuned in and ready to geaux, which I've heard he most definitely is, then watch out for this young man...he's going to be ready for revenge, hoping to get a chance out there once again...and if he gets his opportunity, I'm backing him for success.



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SHOUTOUTS: I believe in you, Cordale. LET'S FUCKIN GEAUX!!!

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