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The funniest Tiger on LSU's roster is also one of their most intense when playing in between the lines...

He's a barrel full of laughs off the field, capturing moments of natural hilarity on his unbeatable Instagram, but he's also a Tiger who has a sensitive side, being called "as true a friend as you'll find" by an LSU teammate.

LSU cornerback Dwight "Nudie" McGlothern Jr is as beloved as they come, always smirking and laughing, calling Austin Deculus "Triple H", joking late at night from his hotel room on an IG Live with Jay Ward while on the road...everyone knows him, in fact...most hear his infectious laugh coming down the hall before he arrives.

While Dwight Jr has an unstoppable charisma off the field, he transforms into someone new altogether when under the helmet: he's a footballing machine with brilliant closing speed, blanket tracking ability and a next level eye for the ball, all backed by a strong fundamental base.

Many expected the 2020 freshman to wallow on the sidelines behind Stingley, Ricks, Ward and Flott....while they were mostly right, Nudie seeing rare time throughout the year, circumstances finally aligned his way during the final few outings of the campaign.

When a banged up Eli Ricks came out of the Florida game, Dwight McGlothern was thrown into the game with his back to his own end zone, out on an island and with QB Kyle Trask looking his way, probably licking his chops.

On his first snap, everyone understood the ball was coming his way, however Dwight possessed nerves of steel and jumped inside on the pass, his hands fighting through the ball and the receiver's grasp at the perfect moment to break it up, setting the stage for a game affecting goal line stand.

Despite allowing a touchdown, later on it was his facemask which deflected a ricocheting Trask pass back to the kneeling Jay Ward, creating a huge red zone interception.

Commenting on the comical and crazy play, Derek Stingley Sr told Off The Bench "that play was so Dwight," he chuckled, knowing Nudie's equal penchant for hilarious humor and on field whimsy...vs #6 Florida in the red zone, Dwight gave us both at the same damn time.

He's already taking those lessons from 2020's ring of fire and putting them to superb use during LSU's offseason:

Starring throughout the Spring game, McGlothern played with the first team, CBs Coach Corey Raymond starting Dwight Jr out wide in place of a still-recovering Eli Ricks......and he made the most of his opportunity.

Breaking up 4 passes and affecting a few more, Dwight was a nuisance for the Tiger quarterbacks, echoing what he'd produced all Spring.

Throughout the Spring scrimmages, McGlothern started opposite Derek Stingley Jr. The #1 corner was matched on Kayshon Boutte 99% of the time, leaving McGlothern to handle a wide range of receiving profiles:

Covering the height and big play ambition of Jaray Jenkins, Koy Moore's hard-nosed / menacing intermediary repertoire, the wily coyote speed of Jontre "Choo Choo" Kirklin, or Deion Smith's exciting freshman breakout potential (as well as Boutte, too)....and while no cornerback will ever be 100% perfect, Nudie grew as a player through these tests, culminating in his commanding Spring Game outing.

Even his buddy Eli Ricks was impressed, as McGlothern Jr nearly had a pick on one play.

This coming season, we should see McGlothern fall victim to the absolute need for Stingley and Ricks to play together as much as possible...it's been rare that we've seen the two #1 corners take the field opposite each other (due to 2020's injuries) and it's far more rare to actually have two dynamic players in one position on one roster...we can't mess with that. The plan will definitely include both All American corners as certain starters, although don't dismiss Dwight:

We should see McGlothern rotated into the lineup in certain spots, adding dynamism and elite coverage ability, but if he receives a chance to start or play with LSU's first team, he will seize the opportunity.



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