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LSU's Fighting Tigers are enjoying some well deserved and earned time off after the close of school semester and their first ever practices under Head Coach Brian Kelly....however one Tiger is going about his down time in a very public manner.

Myles Brennan, the 6th year veteran with just 4 starts to his name, the choice of many local media members to be LSU's starting QB in 2022, made a huge gamble returning to LSU's highly competitive QB room for his final year of eligibility.

Everyone remembers how his last two years finished suddenly with season ending injuries, the hit vs Missouri during his 400 yard game and of course, last season he didn't even get to August camp:

Allegedly partying at Grand Isle aboard his family's boat, wearing flip flops, Myles lost his footing and slipped, hurting his humerus to the point he was out for all of 2021.

The excursion was labeled a "fishing trip", however it became obvious we weren't hearing the full story. When rumors of his alleged drinking on board that boat on that specific day circulated, it could have been deemed fodder for message boards or Twitter feeds.

But now, after seeing pictures of Myles with his crew of buddies, drinks in hands, all once again on a boat...we have a smoking gun.

Doing it is one thing. Why would I chastise an adult male for drinking on a boat with his friends?

But posting photos of that exact scenario, one LSU fans could only imagine until now, paints a lasting and possibly damning image in today's optics society.

The similarities are eerie....obviously, there isn't news of Myles slipping again or getting his arm sawed off by the propellor just yet, but it's the poor judgement which really made me pause.

During such a tight QB battle, on the cusp of a season which could decide his NFL future, under Coach Kelly's detail-oriented leadership, Myles chose to recreate the exact scenario which previously cost him an entire season.

I'm not writing this to rip Myles Brennan....

I'm not writing this to point out his every flaw and call for anyone else to be LSU's quarterback in 2022...

I believe LSU's starting quarterback has to be dialed in at all times....hungry, antsy for the season to start right now even. A true leader, not just in labels or tags due to seniority....That's what it will take for LSU to be successful in 2022.

Myles Brennan gives a damn and works his ass off, I know this because I have seen it and I had the pleasure of speaking to him in March, but the photo he posted raises questions about what motivates the LSU quarterback most.

Brennan's Instagram post makes it seem as if he could really care less about what's ahead....all through the lens of his beer commercial postcard.

I want Myles to succeed, not just at LSU, but far beyond at the pro level; Although when I see that photo, doubts creep into my mind about whether he still loves the game or not....

Will Brian Kelly be wondering the same thing?

Are we overreacting?


Football has stolen much from Myles, which is why many want to see him take back that narrative, something he's fully capable of doing.

But when I see this photo, a different storyline begins to solidify, one supported by his biggest doubters, resulting in more baggage Brennan didn't need and most definitely didn't want.



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