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Great News For LSU Fans:

Today during media availability, OL Marlon Martinez was speaking with some of the media present, and during his time, he made it clear he won't be transferring:

"There was a period where I was considering what I wanted to do going forward, and I'm honestly really happy with the decision I chose. I'm very grateful for the opportunities I've been given, that I continue to be given every day, so nothing like that is really in my head right now. I'm just trying to lock in for Spring, but yeah, I'm very grateful for the opportunity I'm getting, and nothing like that is really creeping into my thoughts, right now."

"I had really good talks with Coach Brad Davis and Coach Kelly and I just locked in and figured that I wanna....before I leave here, I wanna be known as a real Tiger."

When asked about whether he'll battle Charles Turner yet again for the center spot, or play at his natural guard position, Martinez said, "I'm not going to really set it in stone that 'i want the center job', I just want to help wherever I can, play wherever I can, hopefully start somewhere..."

After arriving as a natural, but versatile guard, Martinez added that his most comfortable position is now center after playing it so much the past two offseason campaigns.


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Justin Broussard
Justin Broussard
Apr 22, 2023

Excellent article and refreshing to see guys staying the course and battling.


Great news! I know things can change, but this guy should be able to realize all his dreams at LSU. He really is a fine player with next level potential.

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