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-Nothing happening officially yet on the HC front, but i'm told empirical Athletic Director Scott Woodward and embattled Head Coach Ed Orgeron had a meeting after the 42-21 embarrassment, with our new president in tow.

I'm not sure what happened but despite one source telling me "he's out...he's out"...which I won't confirm just yet, I still doubt the content of that meeting was good.....however, knowing Woodward, Orgeron will probably finish the season out....that is unless our Head Coach has fully lost his grip in Scott's eyes.

Coach Ed Orgeron will speak to the media at 12:37 Central time, we'll see what dramatics, if any, occur.

-WR Kayshon Boutte has a "lower leg injury" whatever that means, it looked like it even could've been a damn achilles it was on his right foot it looked to me, either ankle or sadly an Achilles. But Boutte is supposed to be out for a good chunk of the season, if not the rest of it.

I have reached out to his father, Em Boutte for comment and he said this:

"We should find out today, I’m thinking he gonna be out a couple games. If the ship done sunk I would comeback next season healthier & ready to go."

UPDATE: Em Boutte has told "it's just his ankle"....ruling out any achilles injuries.

UPDATE: Em Boutte has just let us know: Kayshon Boutte is "out for the season".

It is a cruel loss for the player of the season for LSU thus far, leading the team with 9 TDs.

His TD numbers were constantly leading the nation, while he also piled on 508 yards, 38 catches for a 13.4 average over 6 games.

UPDATE: Coach O has just confirmed, Kayshon is out for the season.

-DE Ali Gaye expected to miss time with a hand injury. I would be shocked if he played vs Florida and so would the training staff after he's already sustained a hand injury this season....but we've seen weirder things.

Coach O has confirmed Gaye will be out for this weekend vs Florida.

-WR Deion Smith seemed to trip up after blocking for a long Ty Davis-Price run, seeming to have his foot caught by a falling defender's helmet, as can be seen during the live replay broadcast on SEC Network. Despite inquiries to his former trainer and mentor Shay Hodge, we have no information on an injury for Deion, so if it's anything, I bet it's minor.

-WR Jack Bech was defiant when I spoke to him after the Auburn defeat, saying the team "weren't blaming anyone and it's about working and moving forward." No doubt, yet again, after this crushing weekend, he had the same mentality yet again.

He's a team guy, a leader, a show-stopping talent, and already an early candidate for both the #18 or #7 jerseys.

As Walker Howard once said, "everyone respects Jack Bech"....but now, it's also a case of "everyone loves watching Jack Bech destroy opponents".

-RB Ty Davis-Price silenced so many doubters with his 147 yard, 22 carry and 2 TD performance, single-handedly bringing the Tigers back within two scores. LSU Odyssey will have a profile on TDP and his resurgence in front of the college football world.

The most impressive part?

When so many were calling him "slow in the hole", we witnessed him slicing and dicing Kentucky without much blocking, creating his own holes with next level vision and showing off his underrated burst, leaving defenders in his wake, plowing over a defender as he lowered the shoulder and the boom....he was impressive and TDP was really the only element of the game Tiger fans had to cheer's time they realize how much they've taken their Baton Rouge-native son for granted.

- Safety Major Burns will miss yet another week out injured.

-CB Eli Ricks was banged up but will be available vs Florida, Orgeron said.

There are also rumors and rumblings of Eli Ricks thinking about transferring from the school....I have reached out to his mother Shauna for comment.

-DT Joseph Evans will miss the Florida game as well.



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