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Updated: Nov 9, 2021



Saturday against Nick Saban's 1 loss, still top 5 Alabama Crimson Tide won't just be any typical LSU-Alabama matchup....the past two seasons' madness has made sure of that:

Replete with insane, impossible to foresee pregame betting lines, a list of absent All-American level Tigers, a pall of inevitability becoming a funereal death march.......last season's lopsided embarrassment inside Tigers Stadium proved to be Saban's 2019 vengeful reckoning, but in 2021, things could get uglier:

With DBU heroes Stingley Jr, Eli Ricks, Alabama-native Cordale Flott, solid safety Major Burns and freshman debutant starter and former 5 star Sage Ryan all missing against QB Bryce Young, while our D-Line goes without Ali Gaye, Andre Anthony, Joseph Evans, as well as Glen Logan, you have to believe our defense will be up against the fire all night;

On offense, starting QB Max Johnson took a nasty hit to the shoulder on a beautiful long pass to Trey Palmer; after, he couldn't throw a TD for his first ever LSU start, before being benched for the final 13 minutes by Coach Ed Orgeron; No wonder, Max is without his #1 WR in America, Kayshon Boutte for the rest of the year, plus sophomore Koy Moore entered the transfer portal over a week ago, and freshman Deion Smith is out nursing a hamstring injury; This goes without saying LT Anthony Bradford is out for the year, other LT Cam Wire is in and out of games hurt, and the team is rocked by news of QB Myles Brennan's transfer announcement this week....oh, and they're also led by a Head Coach who's already checked out mentally, alongside a staff full of assistants who'll be looking for new jobs come December......

To hell with Alabama, LSU have created their own attrition...

Can this game even be competitive?

And if so, which LSU Tigers are willing to make that happen?

Who isn't going to allow this lame duck to march them to another slaughter, for a second year in a row, to a team we would rather piss ourselves publicly than lose to....and here we are, hoping our Tigers can keep it below 60.

I'm not sure what will happen, but I do know this....if (what's left of) our 2021 LSU Tigers can somehow pull off the upset here, it will rank as the most improbable college football victory of all time....not only due to circumstances, but the matchups on the field all favor Alabama on paper.

I ask...where can LSU make Alabama pay in the matchup department?

WR/TE Jack Bech is the man for the Tigers, and while receiving little attention over the past few games (greatly hurting the LSU passing game), the 2x state champion from Lafayette's St Thomas More has to be the guy for LSU's offense.

Even as a freshman, Jack was hauling in a late 4th quarter catch vs Ole Miss, staring down a 31-10 deficit, but it was what he did after that will make him a great Tiger:

Jack turned to face 4 Ole Miss defenders blocking his path to the first down on all sides. Instead of aiming for the dirt waving a white flag like so many others might, a fearful silhouette of urine decorating their pants, Jack was only doing this one way: his way, lowering a ripped right shoulder & bulldozing through all 4 Rebel defenders, earning first down yardage and then some...

Even in defeat, while most Tiger fans lay awake spewing understandable anger or frustration, I had to post that clip of Jack on my Instagram. Here was #80 refusing to give in, nothing to supposedly play for, LSU losing by 21 points, catching passes from a back-up true freshman QB, facing insurmountable odds with 4 defenders breathing down his neck....

Jack didn't wait to be attacked by Ole Miss' defenders....Bech went right at 'em...he smacked 'em in the mouth, earned a first down, and made the few impressive Tiger receiving plays on the day.

Bech must receive 15 targets minimum vs Alabama, a squad he'll be locked up against for the next few years as one of LSU's star offensive players.

It's not only paramount he receives targets at will, it's amoral if our offense only aims at Jack 6 or 7 times by triple zeroes.

LSU need performances by Tigers who aren't afraid of Alabama, players who are ready to step up, throwing away age, classification, recruiting ranking, I don't give a damn...geaux out there and take a bite out of your opponent.

But beggars cannot be choosers...

The Tigers have such a critical Threat Level Midnight issue concerning personnel, LSU's staff may have to call upon some Tigers you may not even know existed:

Without risk of hurting many Tigers' red shirt status, expect fringe LSU freshmen / sophomores like promising LB Greg Penn III, extremely talented Lafayette-born safety Matthew Langlois or DEs Phillip Webb, Bryce Langston & Saivion Jones to get least they should.

But there's some spots LSU simply must have an answer for, lest they get absolutely skulldragged by Alabama:

First, LSU's receivers Brian Thomas Jr, Malik Nabers & Jaray Jenkins all have to step up and score some touchdowns vs Alabama, backing Bech up.

This could be the perfect game for Brian Thomas Jr's breakout, scoring a TD vs Kentucky that was called back for a holding flag. Still yet to punch his TD ticket, which Bech, Deion and Malik all have, Thomas Jr will be eager to find the end zone against perennial hated rivals Alabama.

With Sage Ryan down & out for this game, alongside Cordale Flott, who will be LSU's nickel?

Nicholls St transfer Quinton "Pig" Cage should be given the opportunity, there's no one else on our team who possesses the skills; if you want to back him with Cam Lewis, who may be more required at safety, Lewis could match up against a few of Alabama's larger, more physical targets.

At safety next to Jay Ward, Daronte Jones is starting to wonder if senior Todd Harris, who's finally fit enough to appear, or sophomore Jordan Toles can take over the job for the next opponent.

Though he intercepted Alabama as a sophomore back in 2018, Harris' tackling has been a major liability, proving more adept at coverage while still capable of falling asleep over the top.

Or, Jones can simply position Cam Lewis or try freshman Derrick Davis Jr alongside Ward and hope for the best, which I feel is the right move.

Opposite Dwight McGlothern, who will take over the vacant cornerback spot?

Raydarious "Raydar" Jones

From boasting the two best corners in America, Stingley Jr and Ricks, to losing Stingley, then Ricks, moving Cordale Flott from nickel to corner....only for Flott to now be declared out injured....DBU's Corey Raymond is now having to dig deep just to field a cornerback tandem.

Of the available choices, LSU can play 2019 National Champion Raydarious Jones, the undisciplined Darren Evans, yet to debut freshman Damarius McGhee, and walk on Ralph Walker.

Raydarious Jones must make his first ever LSU Tigers start here:

Holding 3 seasons of experience, albeit limited, playing long minutes in a CFP Semifinal game, adding a few pass break-ups to go with an INT during LSU's 2021 Spring Game, how could anyone but Jones be the guy, especially if you want to win?

On the defensive interior, Neil Farrell Jr laid down an impressive marker across 2021, with his impact defying his representation on the stat book, however the super senior will need some help on the inside from Jaquelin Roy if LSU are to have any success against Alabama's Brian Robinson Jr, a superfreak back with 706 yards for 11 TDs on the season.

Jaquelin Roy recovers his own forced fumble this season

Robinson Jr also caught 2 receiving TDs thus far during the campaign, not shake away from Alabama Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien targeting the backs, including Roydell Williams. LSU's safeties & linebackers must be alive to this, as well as our DEs, all three levels hopefully ready to make stops.

Although WR pair Jameson Williams and John Metchie have combined for 14 TDs & over 1,300 yards, the duo could see competition from Alabama freshman Jo Jo Earle, a once year-long LSU commit during the last cycle, flipping to Saban's Crimson Tide during the last weeks before Early Signing Day.

It would totally be a Saban thing to Jo Jo Earle long minutes for only the second time this season, just to rub it in LSU's face...just to kick Orgeron in the ass once more on his way out.

LSU cannot allow Alabama's Bryce Young to have a field day....put the Mater Dei superstar under pressure early, stop rushing four every time....get creative with the blitzes, because why the hell not? What do we have to lose? A game we're already historically out of before a whistle is blown?

I don't feel LSU are 100% out of never know what can happen on a football field....however, I don't think it's a time where "playing for pride" is an empty platitude; I believe this is a moment where we find out those who can take the SEC and those who cannot...

I think we find out who's willing to give it all to be great....not just for LSU, but for their own pride, their own legacy, their own future....

Geaux out there, play fast, loose, free, and punch 'em in the mouth.

We already know this coaching staff is more fearful than our youngest players....just get out of the way and let our players shine, much like the Florida games of the past 2 seasons.

Even though LSU may likely lose this game, I'm hoping they will compete their asses off....and I feel like if this coaching staff would stop sabotaging themselves or their players, then maybe, just maybe LSU can make this a game.


Jack Bech WR/TE

B.J Ojulari DE

Max Johnson QB

Brian Thomas Jr WR

Greg Penn III LB

Jaquelin Roy DT

Maason Smith DE

Raydarious Jones CB

Cam Lewis NB/S

Derrick Davis Jr S



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Thanks Lonn. I have set my hopes that ALL our Tigers play with the passion of Bech. I want us to fight, play disciplined, and support each other. If that happens, the Tiger family can hold it’s collective head up.

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