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Updated: Apr 26, 2023



Welcome to our 4th ever season-ending top 10 performers list, with links right here to our past 2019, 2020, and 2021 top 10's, we now hit our 2022 final season ending calibrations.

With a new Head Coach in Brian Kelly and his entirely revamped staff, wildly different approach or philosophy from prior head man Ed Orgeron, while nearly 25% of their teammates and 2021 coaches exited amid Kelly's transition, it's a major sense of pride to see so many Tigers excel in fact, we were forced to leave off 3 Tigers who could've easily fit on this list.

We will list those three names at the bottom of part II when the top 10 countdown concludes....but for now, get into this, get yourself relaxed, drink something warm, eat something good, jive on our vibe and take a dive into the ultimate 2022 breakdown:


8 PBUs

6 Forced Incompletions

Standing out as the most dependable performer among Robert Steeples & Kerry Cooks' patchwork 2022 DBU, featuring across 777 defensive snaps (tied for 2nd) in one of the Tigers' biggest areas of concern, Garner was an anchor for LSU this fall.

Without Garner effectively shutting down half of the field for a majority of the season, especially when it really mattered, LSU's secondary could've endured a far tougher time across 2022.

Instead, we watched the senior transfer play for his NFL future, allowing 24 catches from 54 targets, batting down 8 passes (4 inside the red zone) and forcing 6 incompletions through coverage (3 headed for the end zone).

Garner also broke up a 4th down two point conversion pass from Alabama's Bryce Young, a play which proved to be extremely pivotal as LSU pulled the 32-31 overtime win.

Aside from Garner's strengths in coverage, the former ULL transfer stood out for his expert tackling in space.

When we pointed out how he was able to shut down one side of the field for a thin, under-performing LSU secondary, we didn't just mean through coverage:

Providing 5 stops in pass tackling, issuing 43 tackles, 1.5 behind the line of scrimmage, blowing up 3 more plays to assist teammates for TFLs, adding 10 overall stops in the running game....resulting in a 76.9 grade against the run (4th best on the team)....Garner was a savage on the outside, proving to be a complete cornerback.

Now Garner heads to the NFL after just one season at LSU, and however he may be remembered by Tiger fans is up for debate, considering his quick entrance and exit....

....But any talk of legacy matters not for Mekhi Garner. For him, the mission was accomplished....

He proved he could start against the best in the SEC and now he's heading to the NFL with the right skill set, thorough experience and most importantly, the proper mentality.



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