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Updated: Nov 3, 2021



Fresh off his in-person work out for LSU, reported here at LSU Odyssey, 2022 St Thomas Aquinas TE Mason Taylor has earned an offer from the Tigers. The official invitation to play for the LSU Tigers came from Tight Ends Coach Derek Shay, the first member of LSU's staff to contact and recruit Mason.

The 4 star TE follows in the Hall of Fame footsteps of his father, perennial Pro Bowler and gold jacket-wearing pass rusher Jason Taylor, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

Carrying the same kind of aggression out wide as his father supplied in the trenches, Mason Taylor is definitely a high octane athletic feat to behold. Though still raw, Mason holds the tools, genetics and mentality to be a successful footballer.

Here's what Mason told LSU Odyssey about his feelings on LSU, his recruiting process, a special high school coach, and far more:

LONN: Congrats on the offer, Mason! LSU loved your workout!

MASON: Thank you!

LONN: What do you like most about LSU, Mason?

MASON: Everything, but the people around me felt like family. How they greeted me and brought us around the campus.

LONN: And who was it who took you was it Mason Smith? Derek Shay? That's high praise Mason!

MASON: Derek Shay and JR (LSU's Scouting Director JR Belton).

LONN: What made them like family ? What gave you those vibes?

MASON: The way the greeted me and brought me around to lunch and stuff.

LONN: Have you pictured yourself going to LSU? Or is this all very new since the offer?

MASON: I’ve pictured myself there i have two teammates at LSU and know well about the program and school.

LONN: There's a big connection between Aquinas and LSU recently, even 2022 4 Star OT Julian Armella recently visited as well, what's attracting you Florida guys to LSU? Is it the national brand? The offense? The staff?

MASON: All 3.

LONN: The Trifecta! Mason, I wanna focus this on you but I have to ask what do your mother & father think about LSU?

MASON: They think it’s a big time program and it’s sick. They love everything about it.

LONN: That's great to get your father's Hall of Fame endorsement!! Are LSU coaches keeping contact with your family, as well as you?

MASON: I’ve been talking to Coach (Derek Shay) for a while now. Not my family yet.

LONN: Was it Coach Shay who first made contact with you?

MASON: Yes he was.

LONN: That's awesome that they're making this about you, even though your father has the NFL background, they've made it clear they love your talent and I agree with their analysis. What you show on film is pretty scary stuff, Mason. Who's helped you most with your game?

MASON: The whole unit together is amazing. Especially Coach Hariott.

LONN: What makes Coach Hariott a great coach?

MASON: Coach Hariott coaches you on and off the field that’s what makes him so great. He will develop any person into a better human being and better football player.

LONN: Harriott is going places. He's such a good, aggressive-minded coach.

Mason, what is your vision for the rest of your recruitment as far as when you're announcing your commitment and what other visits you may be taking?

MASON: I’d like to make my decision before the season.



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SHOUTOUTS: Congratulations on the offer Mason!!!!

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