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Standing at a long, robust 6 foot 4 & 180 pounds, Ponchatoula High WR Kody Finley, the brother of former LSU quarterback TJ Finley, talked to LSU Odyssey a few weeks ago about his recruitment, feeling underrated, where LSU stand after TJ's transfer, and Ponchatoula's next great quarterback.

We really enjoyed our time speaking to Kody and find him to be one of the brightest young minds we've talked to at LSU Odyssey: truth be told, whether Kody plays a down of collegiate football or not, whether he follows in his brother's steps to LSU, Auburn or any other power 5 school or doesn't, the younger Finley has a very strong future ahead of him.

Out of Ponchatoula, Kody is also a teammate of 5 star LSU commit Jacoby Mathews, and though the 2022 WR felt some outside attention wane under the shadow of his older brother or Mathews, Finley's 62 catches for 1,070 yards and 8 TDs across 18 appearances (averaging a wild 17.3 per reception) stands as a miraculous indication of a very spicy future.

Make no mistake, Finley is a top 150 rated WR by Geaux 247 and 47th overall out of the state of Louisiana, however his abilities could be developed even further by WRs Coach Mickey Joseph, pushing the envelope on his current underrated status, while openly defying his rankings.

But as you'll read, Kody's recruitment process has only just begun, with the soon-to-be senior picking up offers already from Kansas, Memphis, Indiana and home state Tulane University, although I expect a few Big 10 schools to come into the picture soon.

Kody is a great young man with a fabulous future on and off the field in front of him, and wherever he geauxs LSU Odyssey will be big fans.

LONN: You know, you have the same statuesque height as your brother, Kody.

KODY: Hope that's a good thing (laughs).

LONN: Yes it does although "statue" may be the wrong word...what about...."towering"?

KODY: Yessir!!!

LONN: There we geaux! Well Kody, you're a part of the historic 2022 class: how's your recruitment going thus far?

KODY: Well so far I have 13 offers and definitely going to shoot for more this summer.

LONN: Who's been on you hardest and interests you most???

KODY: Indiana, Auburn and other power 5 schools.

LONN: Speaking of Auburn, your brother recently transferring from LSU to Auburn...this may sound like a dumb question: Is it a dream of yours to play alongside your brother?

KODY: Yes sir, always. It was a dream for high school and it went really good and now it is for college.

LONN: You two had only 1 year together at Ponchatoula, but as a freshman you caught 667 yards, 29 receptions and 5 TDs from your brother!!! That's sick!!! What was that like?

KODY: That was unreal, to be honest...... but to us, it was just the beginning.

I feel like there’s definitely much more to come with us together

LONN: Don't wanna get you in trouble with Auburn fans, but do you think TJ can beat out Nix for that job this year?

KODY: I think so also he definitely more equipped.

LONN: I do NOT wanna play your brother every year.

Kody, how do you think recruiting analysts judge you differently knowing you're TJ's brother? Does it help or hurt?

KODY: Neither to be honest, because I still have to go out and get the offers myself.

LONN: It says on Geaux 247 no offers since 2020, they're not doing your profile right man!

KODY: I know they don’t really care.

LONN: You caught a lot of passes from TJ as a freshman, then you caught even more from LSU's safety commit Jacoby Mathews, and since Money is moving to safety full time, who is this new Ponchatoula quarterback I've been hearing whispers about?

KODY: New guy named Nolan Tribble!

LONN: What are you thinking after spring into summer with Nolan throwing you passes your senior year???

KODY: Very confident! He spins it well.

LONN: I see! Nolan is also a pitcher for Ponchatoula, this all just makes sense. He looks good!

Kody, you know I gotta ask you though.

How did you feel about LSU pre-TJ transfer compared to post transfer?

Did anything change?

KODY: Nothing changed I still love LSU the same and still in contact with coaches over there, all love for them guys. If LSU like really wanted me, I would go.



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SHOUTOUTS: Kody, you're a great young man! Thank you for speaking with us!!! I believe in Ponchatoula High's dynamic receiver, and I could see LSU having a tough time against the Brothers Finley in the years to come if he were to choose Auburn. I could also see Kody finding his way amidst Mickey Joseph's stacked WR room and setting himself on a pathway to the field.



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