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Updated: Oct 4, 2023


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Orlando...Week 1....Jayden Daniels gazed upwards after another incompletion, unable to avoid hearing the crowd murmuring with the din of each underthrown, errant pass, with anxious teammates looking to him for an answer, while commands and play calls came through his helmet's head set....
....Suddenly, when all the booming noise, national television hype, relentless pressure of another 10 point deficit, and vibrant, toxic criticism began hitting a fever pitch, at a breaking point where most QBs begin to lose grip of the very reality before them, LSU's starting quarterback grew calmer, more stoic, as well as vocally demanding more from his fellow Tigers.
It was at that apex of adversity when Daniels' focus narrowed into an assassin's brand of tunnel vision.....Since that moment @ Florida State until now, all Jayden Daniels can see is one big play, one incredible touchdown, and one Heisman-worthy performance after another.

Religiously hitting WRs Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr for constant big plays downfield, now as the 3rd overall ranked passer in America while placing 2nd in touchdown passes, this is the version of Jayden Daniels many LSU fans were clamoring to see.

Over 5 games in 2023, Jayden Daniels has already come close to overtaking his solid 2022 dual threat numbers: 16 touchdown passes compared to 17, over half of his 2022 haul concerning passing yardage: 1,710 compared to 2,913 yards, with 885 rushing yards from a whopping 186 carries & 11 rushing scores (also catching a TD pass during the bowl win over Purdue).
Still running the ball plenty (292 yards, 60 carries, 3 rushing TDs over 5 games), JD5 expanded his game this offseason, rocketing the football into tight windows through zone coverage, going through progressions and finding his 3rd option, never settling for a safe checkdown.....Daniels is lighting up SEC defenses with absolute dimes as we speak....and you have to believe he'll receive a Heisman invite if he continues in this vein, maybe even regardless of LSU's record.

The second year LSU starter isn't chucking up glory passes hoping and praying for a completion, these are beautiful, zipped daggers, absolute bullets dipping and dropping on a beeline, leading receivers into space, nailing his location on deep or intermediary throws, and constantly dialing up an incredible effective rate (73.1%).

Jayden has been gutsy for the Tigers, too, guiding LSU through 30 third down passing plays & clinching 21, completing 25 overall passes on 3rd or 4th down headlined by 5 TD passes.

Also, instead of purely trusting his legs when pressure arrives or a pocket begins to collapse, we've seen Daniels take shots while hanging tough in the backfield, completing sniper passes as he accepted major hits.

Many claimed the "So Cal Kid" couldn't throw the long ball, yet JD5 is nearly perfect tossing it deep: completing 18 of 24 attempts for 596 yards, 11 passing TDs with 0 INTs....effective, electric, and beyond impressive: truth be told, and I know many of you feel it, too....our senior slinger is making a serious push to be considered the 2nd greatest quarterback in LSU history.

Through his toughness & steady hand, Daniels is leading this Tigers offense to one of their most high octane attacks ever, passing the eye test in unstoppability, depth or versatility from offensive line to skill position weapons.

LSU's 2023 unit are right up there with Mettenberger, OBJ & Juice in 2013, shades of Rohan and Josh Reed in 2001, make no mistake...from what we've seen thus far, it is no hyperbole to suggest Daniels, Nabers, Thomas, Diggs, Campbell and Co could become the most prolific LSU offense aside from 2019.

And because their defense is so porous, LSU's principle offensive leaders understand they need to score plenty of points in every game, meaning there's no chance of offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock halting this freight train.

As Daniels exceeds expectations by the game, keeping his foot firmly rammed down on the gas pedal, just barely racking up 500+ yards @ Ole Miss, will this offense become even better each game as other talents on roster start to shine (Kaleb Jackson, Mason Taylor, Aaron Anderson, and a bevy of freshmen receivers) alongside the impossible to cover Nabers & Thomas Jr???


(All Rankings Are National)

1,710 Passing Yards (3rd)

16 TD Passes (Tied 2nd)

114 Points Responsible (2nd)

73.1% Completion Percentage (17th)

14.6 Yards Per Completion (19th)

-Passing Performance vs Ole Miss is 9th all time during a single game in LSU history, while his 414 yards were a new career high, overtaking his freshman season in 2019 vs Oregon (408).

-4x 300+ yard games

-1x 400 yard game

-81 First Down Completions

-3rd/4th Down Passing Conversions: 21/30

-3rd/4th Down Completions: 25

-3rd/4th Down Touchdown Passes: 5

-Completions over 20 Yards

596 Yards


11 TDs

0 INTs

-513 Total Yards vs Ole Miss Made Daniels just the 3rd LSU QB to rack up over 500, joining Rohan Davey and Joe Burrow.


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2 commentaires

03 oct. 2023

I just shared this on Twitter. I don’t know why people think JD is not the guy. He is doing everything everyone complained he didn’t do last year. Our problem isn’t the offense. It’s the defense and that can be fixed. It’s going to take 110% from everyone.


We will need this excellent performance each and every week for the rest of the season. We are now in a period of “can we out score the competition?” If this were an adequate LSU defense, we would be a top ten team, at worst.

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