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So....Lincoln Riley sure is afraid of the SEC....100 million dollars afraid....

What next for LSU???

I heard a first hand account from a family member of a recruit, telling me that during the A&M game, their son actually asked LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward straight up "who will be the next coach?"

Woodward's only known response, first hand, second hand, any hand about the coaching search, offered a few clues which tell me that Mario Cristobal could be the guy....who knows at this point...

Combined with LSU's interim coach being OL Coach Brad Davis, selected over a few other likely candidates, I feel the tone of LSU's next hire may be OL-based as well...pointing me to Mario Cristobal out of Oregon.

A coach who suffered a bad loss to Utah during the same time frame in which a deal could've been brokered,

A coach who would potentially be attractive to Scott Woodward after things broke down with Riley, but I'm hoping he pulls the trigger on Lane Kiffin.

I don't think Cristobal would work well at LSU, but we'll see....

I really hope Lane Kiffin is the next head coach of LSU, but some of the sprinklings of info, as Scott is pushed for an answer, lead me to believe OL play and TEs factor into this coaching hire.

Getting Cristobal could be a strong play at keeping our top 2022 OL commitments as well as attracting others, such as Oregon commit Kelvin Banks Jr or LSU target Julian Armella, who's father knows Cristobal.

We'll see....



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Thanks Lonn, I agree Cristobal is not what we need but SW is getting his ass kicked in the media. Kiffin is the absolute right hire and I truly do not understand why he cant see that. Interesting and Entertaining it would be

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