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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

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      It only took B.J Ojulari one snap to come alive vs South Carolina, ripping around the edge, wrapping himself around offensive tackles, dipping inside with authority....from the first snap until the last, the Nigerian Fresh Prince of Baton Rouge had his day.

       Grabbing a 2nd all time single game LSU tally of 3 sacks, 3 TFLs, 4 solo tackles including some inspiring pursuit stops, there's nothing this young stunner can't accomplish on the field and he's shown his strengths time and time again already only 4 games into the year.

         Though he didn't see too many plays vs Miss State, Ojulari's effective pressures and bravehearted pass-rushing marked him down as the highest rated freshman of Week 1 according to Pro Football Focus College (he was only barely beaten to a Costello fumble recovery by Jacoby Stevens). 

          In week 2, the big man blasted Vandy for 3 tackles, 2 QB hits and 5 pressures before announcing himself during week 3 vs Missouri with an otherworldly strip-sack, erasing Connor Bazolak in the backfield with a vicious hit, knocking the ball loose for LSU to take over. 

          Tonight was different....

          Coach Orgeron started Andre Anthony (1 sack), however Ojulari took over the stage when given his opportunity, now trailing only Chuck Wiley's 4 sacks as LSU's all time leader in single game destruction production.

           Before the season, we heard Orgeron call Ojulari "our best pass rusher" nearly every week and he was right. 

           While Gaye provides statuesque length and girth or Andre Anthony continues his consistent high level play, B.J is a complete defensive lineman, shedding blockers and chasing running backs further than LSU's linebackers at times.

           I spoke to B.J after the game and the young man had this to say:

LONN: What was the gameplan for the D-line tonight B.J?

OJULARI: It was just go in and dominate like we know we can and should.

LONN: In my pre game piece, I wrote you'd get 2 tonight my got 3!!! 

How did it feel out there tonight making history?

OJULARI: It was just great game planning by the coaches. And my teammates just set me up for those 1 on 1 match ups. They were preaching "win your 1 on 1". And I think the whole D line rushed our butts off.

LONN: What did Coach O tell you after the game, B.J??

OJULARIAll the coaches just congratulated me and my teammates were even more excited than me.

I'm sure we'll talk to B.J again soon, it's becoming a pre and post game tradition now and I thank him for being really cool and giving us the access.

          4 sacks on the season, 9 total tackles (7 solo), 5.0 tackles for loss, 1 Forced fumble and 3 QB Hits (I think it's a lot more but that's according to, Ojulari has fulfilled exactly what we were expecting from this young man, but he's a year ahead of schedule, already racking up monstrous numbers.

More than stats, his pass-rushing influences the game, two of his sacks appearing on 3rd down and forcing a pair of missed field goals by South Carolina, directly taking 6 points off the board....

          Don't be shocked if he finishes with double digit sacks, eclipsing our 8.5 preseason total projection (check out our preseason profile of Ojulari under the profiles tab on our site)...Ojulari is for real and LSU are more than lucky to have the Marrietta, GA wrecking ball.

Last night was one of those special performances in which the world takes notice finally with jaw-dropped gazes and eyes full of their own many left 2020 LSU behind under the tread of criticism's fiery wheel, freshmen such as Eli Ricks, B.J Ojulari, T.J Finley, Max Johnson and Jaquelin Roy have given LSU doubters a proverbial big middle finger, propelling this injured, cast away LSU squad into the stratosphere with the best team performance of the season.

From here on out, Ojulari must start and I'm sure Coach Ed Orgeron is more than convinced after Saturday night.




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SHOUTOUTS: Ty Davis-Price for his big night, happy birthday bro! Eli Ricks for his huge interception and runaway brilliance, and of course "E se" to the big man himself B.J Ojulari for his time, his words and his quarterback punishment!!!

"E SE, B.J!!"


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