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Amid his first gameweek press conference, LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly revealed some intriguing info heading into Week 1, although he kept the biggest question in the room to himself.

Kelly refused to announce his starting quarterback, saying he wasn't going to give Florida State any more advantages.

Driving the entire media room nuts over his answer, Kelly simultaneously endeared himself to the hearts of every Tiger fan.

Keeping personnel or injury information from the media and opposition???

Since Saban left, LSU fans haven't seen a Tigers Head Coach withstand the temptation of putting his name in yet another big headline.

Over the past 48 hours, Kelly has figured out who LSU's starting quarterback will be, saying he won't be announcing "until gameday".

Even though we didn't get the quarterback headline we were looking for, outside of naming Brad Davis' starting five offensive linemen, today Coach Kelly didn't offer Mike Norvell's Florida State a single scrap of usable information.

Kelly announced freshman Will Campbell is incredibly taking over at left tackle, Miles Frazier switching from tackle to left guard, tackle Garrett Dellinger learning (and potentially mastering) the center position, Anthony Bradford at his typical right guard position and LSU veteran Cam Wire at right tackle.

Kelly mentioned Xavier Hill and Tre'Mond Shorts as the two linemen closest to grabbing one of the highly contested starting spots.

LSU's Head Coach also gave details on their schedule on gameday:

The team will undertake a walkthrough practice early on Sunday inside the Superdome and head back to the hotel until later that afternoon....before they travel 200 or so yards back to the Dome for a highly anticipated showdown against Florida State.

Asked about special teams, Coach Kelly also named LSU's next starting kicker, Damian Ramos. A peripheral figure on the Tigers' 2020 and 2021 squads, Ramos is now in the limelight under Brian Polian's direction.

Sporting an epic gold mini-mohawk hair style, Ramos will be stepping into Cade York's shoes with a lot of passion and charisma, the exact minerals required to pull off such a feat.

It is worth noting, Ramos is yet to attempt an in-game, live kick at this time.

Coach Kelly brought up a few injuries:

Running back Corren Norman has gone down with an ACL injury, wide receiver Malik Nabers has a sprained ankle but should be ready to go for week 1 and Jack Bech is "back" according to Brian Kelly, great news for Tiger fans.



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1 Yorum

I like the way CBK handles everything. The games are yet to be played, but what a difference in professionalism over the last two head coaches. Not bashing them; complimenting him.

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