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Updated: Feb 10, 2021



As I forecasted repeatedly, Thomas Jr defied the whims or demands of anyone else and declared his love and allegiance for his hometown LSU Tigers...

It was a long process...not only for Brian Jr or his family but for media people such as myself. There was such a tiny amount of information to hold on to....

Brian talked to us a few times last summer, then our contact broke off. Before that, he was extremely enthusiastic about LSU and wanted to play for the Tigers. I constantly reported these findings throughout the summer and into the fall.

Once LSU added Chris Hilton and Jack Bech to a Wide Receiving Corps that already featured Deion Smith & Jo Jo Earle, many LSU fans or pundits believed there wasn't enough room for Thomas and he wasn't a priority for our Tigers anymore.

At this same time, I did some digging on Brian and found a big dynamic shift in his recruitment. A&M were all in... moreso than they'd been previously, Jimbo getting Brian's father involved to spearhead his son's out of state move to LSU's biggest non-Bama rival.

Money was possibly involved to make it happen...

Brian's head was turned, but only slightly and never from his own choice.

Luckily, Thomas Jr has a large support system, led by his mother, sister, his coach Chad Mahaffey, best friend Jalen Cook (a guard for Will Wade's LSU basketball team) as well as the Hilton Family....

These last three weeks, as LSU and A&M battled it out for LSU Odyssey's #1 ranked WR of the 2021 class, this support system all asked him straight up "where are you going?"

After the National Signing Day drama, the continuous stop/start delays for his decision & well entrenched truth concerning his father's antics, Thomas Jr was ready to make his announcement for himself...he wanted to be home with his family, his friends...his people...his state...

Brian's announcement is a big boost for LSU...many called him "the cherry on top" of our incredible 2021 class, however...I feel even better about this move:

When LSU lost Jo Jo Earle to Alabama, this class surrendered their biggest playmaker among their wide receiving corps.

They had to replace Jo Jo Earle's lost playmaking...and Brian Thomas Jr was Jo Jo's only equal in that untouchable department concerning 2021.

If LSU are to continue their passing game juggernaut, year in & year out, they needed Brian Thomas cannot miss on a local like him.

Coach O, Mickey Joseph, Collin D'Angelo, Chris Hilton, Jalen Cook, Jake Peetz & D.J Mangas set the table....

And Brian made it happen.



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SHOUTOUTS: Happy Birthday to T-Bob Hebert, Cody & Parker Orgeron & Meghan Redd!

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