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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

by Lonn Phillips Sullivan


At the 11th hour, with Brian Thomas Jr set to announce today at 1pm central time, I'm hearing this thing is as close as it can be, with divided loyalties of staying home or going to Alabama or Texas A&M on the cards....a decision which is as divisive as can be within the state of Louisiana.

It's either LSU or one of the two most hated rivals of the could the stakes be any higher?

While many will see this recruitment as not too big of a deal, LSU are loaded at wide receiver, we don't need him blah blah blah etc upon etc, that's wishful thinking.

If he goes to A&M or Alabama, Brian will surely become a top tier WR who'll hurt and haunt the tigers for some time down the road...all of us thinking "damn...why didn't he sign?"

Well, it's that close's a coin flip type situation here.

I still believe LSU has the edge, however who even knows with how little Brian says through his own outlets or the media...I hope the kid does what will make him happiest, no matter what that decision may be, but daaaamn he'd be a star in purple & gold and we all know it.

When people say LSU's 2021 unit wouldn't need him, I say "hey man...we lost an untouchable talent at WR to Alabama already, Jo Jo Earle...we cannot be losing Brian Thomas Jr to either of our rivals." Much like Earle, Thomas is someone special who brings that wow factor every time he touches the ball... a statuesque, skyscraping aerial assassin.

I'm hearing Chris Hilton and Mickey Joseph have been really doing everything they can to get Thomas Jr, recently Peetz, Mangas, a number of analysts as well as Coach O have all tried to break through the Thomas Jr wall.

One thing I will say: the drama in this situation isn't on Brian Jr, do not blame him.

I've hoped he'd sign with LSU all along, I had faith he would for quite some time until his father became involved in his recruitment. I don't want to disrespect anyone though, let's see what happens. I'm thinking he stays home if this decision is up to the young man fully.


by Lonn Phillips Sullivan


Copyright 2021 Uninterrupted Writings Inc LLC

Shoutouts:Thank you to NURSEKORT! A dear friend!

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