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Updated: May 9, 2021



Coach O on getting more physical:

"We got Giants Drill today, man can't wait for it. We got an offensive lineman, an offensive guard lined up against a linebacker goin' one on one blocks...we haven't done that for a while...we got to get more physical at the linebacker position, so we got Giants drill today. We're pulling out a clip of Ed Ingram going against Devin White and we're going to motivate the team a little..."

Coach O on QBs:

"Fantastic, they are competing. On Thursday, Myles Brennan had the best day, he came out & him & Max are battling, TJ's right there. Garrett Nussmeier continues to make plays.

It's like a "wow factor" like he'll scramble to his left and throw it underhand to his right across the field and make it like...'god did I just see that?'.

But you know, he has tremendous skills, he's a great young man, he's a great competitor."

Coach O on Derek Stingley Jr:

"Outstanding. He's been phenomenal. He's called out the team 2 or 3 times as a leader. I've asked him to do that. He's doing everything right, he's showed leadership in Spring, his coverage has been phenomenal, he's had some picks. I don't think he ever lost it, but he's the Derek Stingley we've always seen. He's the #1 corner in the nation. Then we get Eli Ricks back, one of the top corners in the country, we should be excited."

Coach O when asked which positions he had the most concern about at first that have "flipped the script":

"The linebacker position. I was really concerned about linebacker position & the safety position...because there's some new guys there...ya know, Damone needs to get better at some things, but I tell ya, he's a very talented young man.

But I tell ya what, man, those guys...for the most part...have had a great we had some things we needed to get fixed, but I think Bugg Strong has come in, our graduate transfer from Clemson is goin' to help us out right there...I think we're goin' to be strong.

We still have some work in the safety position, but I gotta compliment the coaches on moving Jay Ward. Jay Ward moved to free safety and on Thursday, we had like was a scrimmage but it was just thud cause we wanted to use our running backs and Jay Ward had an outstanding practice on Thursday."

Coach O on LBs Coach Blake Baker:

"You know one of the things that I liked about Blake in his interview, you know he was the defensive coordinator at Miami.....uh, he wanted to be at LSU, his wife played soccer here at LSU, the family is from Mandeville, and you know how it is:

If you want to be here, it means a that's one thing.

The next thing is: We talked about fundamentals, me & him, and we went over the hand progression, the hips and hands, how to deliver a blow in the sled. Uh, he listens a lot to things that I have to say...some of the great things I learned from Pete Jenkins we teaching that to our linebackers that we haven't taught I'm excited know, he's recruited a lot of those guys, our players love him. He wears cleats at practice (Coach O laughs) he's running around....he's got cleats at practice. So, he's got a lotta energy, he's got a lot of knowledge, he helps Daronte in that room, he's an excellent hire for us."

Coach O on RBs:

"I'm telling you, I was so pleased with the running backs on Thursday. Uhm...ya know, Tyrion Davis (Davis-Price), for the first time that I can remember, in a while in the Spring ran the football. I think he had two explosive plays of 25 yards or more....had some big plays.

John Emery did a great job;

Now, those guys look like the backs I recruited, what a great day..."

Coach O credits the "great John Robinson" as helping him with the evolution of LSU's RB position. On Friday morning, Orgeron was watching film alone and in strolled Coach Robinson, asking Orgeron if he could "watch film with him". Robinson ended up showing him how important it was for the running backs to "stay square".

Coach O about his D-line:

"They comin'. Neil Farrell came back with a great attitude. Glen Logan is nursing an injury which has given Joseph Evans & Maason Smith a chance to show. I think, ya know, Joseph Evans, right now, is our best interior D-Lineman...right now, but he's gotta do it for....he's making plays, doing a great job. Maason Smith could be one of our better inside pass rushers. He's definitely gonna play, definitely gonna play on 3rd down...uh he's getting better against the run. Those guys are doing great.

You know, Ali (Gaye) is doing phenomenal, B.J (Ojulari)'s doing phenomenal, Andre (Anthony)'s doing phenomenal, Jaquelin Roy's comin along. Jaquelin Roy is a good inside pass rusher, so we're attacking more we're not reading at the line of scrimmage, they're getting up the field... so I'm very pleased with those guys."



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