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Discussing Brian Kelly and LSU's upcoming SEC title game, 5 star 2024 QB and LSU commit Colin Hurley told us his feelings on 2022 LSU, his future in Baton Rouge and generally impressed us beyond reason with his optimistic intelligence and easy going yet driven nature.

COLIN: "It’s going to be a tough challenge, but that’s why you play in the SEC.

Georgia is the gold standard. They’re coached great, have tremendously talented players, a supportive fan base, a first class facility and are the defending national champions.

I have a ton of respect for the program, but I look forward to someday playing against them.

I plan to get to Baton Rouge and learn, lead, compete and win.

The fact LSU went 9-3, beat Alabama, won the SEC West and is in the SEC Championship speaks to the hard work, grit, and success of the entire team - coaches and players.

That cannot, should not, and will not be overlooked, and it’s a glimpse of what is being built at LSU.

It’s going to take all we have to compete with Georgia, but I’ll be watching and supporting."

He also opened up about the adversity of the past weekend, where his team Trinity Christian succumbed to a 37-26 semifinal defeat to University Christian (11-1) after 15 straight wins, consecutive state championships, while ruining a chance for a three-peat.

COLIN: "I’m pissed but that’s part of the process of going through defeat. I care and if I didn’t, then it wouldn’t bother me, but it does.

I’ll bounce back.

We’ll bounce back.

I’m going to be bigger, better, stronger, faster, and smarter.

We came up short. There were some mistakes, but we don’t point for fingers.

I own the wins and I own the losses. Growth takes place through success and adversity.

I’m not happy. Still processing the game. We didn’t play at our best. They did.

It’s the beauty of sports - specifically football. We have to grow from this and we will. I will make sure we do. My circle (coaches, parents and trainers)already explained that…

I’m super pissed and dissatisfied with our team’s performance. I also have watched film and seen where I can be better.

It’s all a part of the process."

One of the smartest and most interesting minds within LSU's last 5 recruiting cycles, Hurley will be a future Tiger great if he stays committed, no question.

Hurley has tossed 41 combined touchdowns in his first two varsity seasons, with 17 interceptions & over 3,659 passing yards.



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Hopefully, we can keep this young man totally engaged with us over the next few years. Thanks for doing your kart to keep him LSU focused. He sounds like a great kid.

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