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-3,044 Yards

-40 TD Passes

-3 INTs

-171/244 (71% Completion Rating)

(2 Games Were Forfeit Wins without stats)

After he led Martin Luther King High to a gutty, triumphant 25-21 state title victory on Detroit's Ford Field, 5 star QB Dante Moore silenced any doubt about where his future is headed, proving he has the minerals when leading his team through one do-or-die 3rd down conversion after another, all after the young quarterback suffered a pick six early in the game.

On the biggest stage, against the best opponents, after throwing just the 3rd interception of his entire junior year, Dante was forced to respond......and he championship style.

After what I've seen from his game tape, camp footage and what I hear when I listen to the young man talk life and ball, I feel Moore possesses the capabilities to be named among the best quarterbacks in college football if he can stay healthy and follow every opportunity.....he is one of a rare breed of quarterback artists, and he's no doubt caught the eye of QBs Coach Joe Sloan, Offensive Coordinator Mike Denbrock, and of course the two Brians, Recruiting Impresario / Special Teams Coach Brian Polian and LSU Chief Brian Kelly.

I love the touch Moore places on his passes, I love the way he throws his receivers into space, I absolutely love the manner in which he steps up in a collapsing pocket with some really good anticipation, avoiding blitzers and pass rushers from his nimble movements.

📷 Detroit Free Press

Dante has a rocket launcher for an arm, able to generate great distance and velocity while always throwing his receivers open, whether during red zone scenarios, in traffic over the middle, or launching long distance bombs downfield, Moore is a sensational talent to keep your eyes on throughout summer and into the fall ahead of December's Early Signing Day.

However, LSU are not alone in their admiration for the Detroit QB, facing down many opposing forces wishing to pursue Martin Luther King High's treasured slinger (Ole Miss, Michigan, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Auburn, Georgia, Ohio State and 28 other firm offers).

Still, the Tigers were the first school Moore wanted to visit once the dead period ended.....actions speak louder than words when it comes to defining interest, even at this early stage of his process.

Traveling all the way from Michigan for this weekend, the Moore family undoubtedly felt they needed to check out Baton Rouge as the next part of Dante's recruitment process.

The ball is in Kelly's Court now......because of that fact, I like where things are heading.



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Very exciting to have such mutual interest for a young difference maker.

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