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Though we should expect LSU's cautious medical team to advise Head Coach Brian Kelly's staff to limit his freshman reps, Dashawn Womack is at or near maximum health on the cusp of fall camp....a major addition to an ever-expanding D-line unit.

A group that, on paper, should be among the best defensive line rooms in the country, will need depth and range at jack LB to run the table. With Womack, LSU gain a great depth or rotational asset capable of being a starter....that's just how damn good he is.

Usually unstoppable off the line, unless held, Womack will have a few learning curves to deal with as a freshman, although he is poised for a breakout season due to the sheer matchup nightmare he truly is.

The Maryland native could end 2023 recording 4 or 5 sacks and I wouldn't be surprised....but the blockers he's able to destroy or occupy, the protections he's able to disrupt, the chaos he can create.....what Womack can do off the ball may be just as valuable as any amount of sacks, opening massive lanes to the backfield for Smith, Perkins, Speights, Brooks, Burns etc.

If he can return to full health and adequately compete against jack LBs Jaxon Howard, Braden Swinson, and Ovie Oghoufo for reps, he could have a monster freshman debut.

Anytime he's on the field, get your popcorn ready.


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He’s got all the tools to be dominant. It will take a few games, but his ability will be hard to miss. Coaches will need to fit him in.

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