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In the wake of LSU losing 55-17 to Alabama (in a game defined by missed opportunities and a lack of creativity / intensity), surprisingly LSU's 2021 recruits / commits have been there to pick up the Tiger fans.

After a defeat like that, most would expect the kids to favor the winner and ditch the loser, many of these 2021 kids have a loyalty, maturity and high character which is off the charts.

Immediately after the defeat, linebacker Greg Penn III tweeted "LSU, the storm won't last long...I promise you." In reaction to so much innuendo over his future, Raesjon Davis posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing an LSU sweater, the Tiger emblem stuck out most, captioned with "Geaux Tigers".

Then, you see 2021 RB Corey Kiner mobilizing the fans into tweeting Auburn decommit Armoni Goodwin into heading to Baton Rouge. Kiner says: "I need all the LSU fans following me to let @ArmoniGoodwin24 know how good we would be in a backfield together!"

Also, in attendance at the game was LSU's 2021 commit DE Landon Jackson. "The Fury of Pleasant Grove" traveled clear from Texas to Baton Rouge.

We're sorry his second trip to Death Valley wasn't as fun on the field (after last year's evisceration of his father's Aggies), but even still Landon representing the Tigers was a huge win this weekend.

But the fun came off the field through the time Landon had with other 2021 recruits and commits who attended the game: Maason Smith, Matthew Langlois, Sage Ryan and Jack Bech:

"I was with Matthew Langlois most of the day, and I talked to Maason for a bit and also talked to Sage, Jack and a few other guys there."

After a week of intense 2021 info, with two decommitments (Big Anthony Hundley and Naquan Brown which we discuss here) and more exaggerated rumors flying around, we can put some of those rumors to bed (if they'll just geaux to sleep):


We also have big time information on Korey Foreman's cancelled visit to LSU.

From a few reliable sources we won't name from inside the Foreman (as well as LSU camps), we have great info on Foreman's decision to cancel his trip to see LSU's "battle" against Alabama:

First of all, the cancellation came due to Covid 19 concerns...I've been told that from as many people as possible, as well as the fact Korey was told he wouldn't be able to meet Coach Orgeron face to face. Coul it be a smokescreen? Potentially.

We were told, "Korey has travelled to Baton Rouge three times and each time he couldn't speak to Coach Orgeron...and that's a really big deal for Korey....he still hasn't met Coach O."

So....LSU's recruiting staff needs to up their game and get Coach O in front of Korey Foreman, no matter what the cost...if that includes flying a chartered jet from Baton Rouge to Southern California for a night, then fine...

I know LSU are under self-imposed recruiting penalties which limits some of what they're able to accomplish on the trail, however if they were to abolish those self-appointed penalties (until the NCAA administers their own) then perhaps LSU's coaching staff could pull off the #1 overall player in the country.

I need to put this clearly:


His friends are playing on the team already, his So Cal buddy Eli Ricks is lighting up the SEC with 3 interceptions and many highlight reel plays, his friends want to play for this team (Rivals' #1 overall player Maason Smith is pushing for the pair to play on Pelini's front four defense while Korey's Southern California childhood friend Raesjon Davis is committed and trying hard to convince Foreman to follow him ("Raesjon and Korey want to play together," we we've been told multiple times by Rashad Davis Sr).

Now it's time for LSU to geaux above and beyond in letting Korey kneaux how badly LSU wants and needs him.

There's a big chance Korey Foreman will be in Gainesville to watch LSU vs Florida...could this be the last chance for Coach Orgeron to meet Korey Foreman and make his untouchable personal pitch?

Only second to actually beating Florida, Coach Orgeron MUST meet Korey Foreman at all matter what, or LSU are rolling the dice and leaving Foreman's recruitment in the hands of Clemson or Georgia.

Ya know who else will be at that game next week?



Here's the young man who's recruitment defines the success of LSU's 2021 class.

Tristan has already visited Baton Rouge 5x, meeting Orgeron and Super Bowl / Joe Moore Award-winning Offensive Line Coach James Cregg three times....he's given LSU every chance to impress him and pull off his signature, but has he given Florida or Oklahoma an honest chance?

This is what went into the Leigh Family's thinking when organizing Leigh's visit to Norman this weekend:

"I told Tristan two weeks ago that I am stepping back and he needed to do a final zoom with everyone then we can sit down and he can decide," Laura Rigney Leigh told us.

So, this weekend Leigh is giving Oklahoma their last shot, then next week he heads to Gainesville for the Gators' final swing.... all the while leaving the door open for Orgeron's Tigers to make that final push.

Without the off-field horrorshow events, I feel Tristan Leigh would definitely sign with LSU 150%....beyond certainty. But with the current climate of uncertainty swirling around the Tigers' athletic administration above Coach Orgeron (the athletic director, the president) they're waiting for a truthful, satisfying conclusion...and who could blame them?

That's what we all want.

I know for one thing that Coach Orgeron has documentation, victims' testimonies and other evidence to back up his own actions, showing that he had nothing to do with the cover-up, and in fact became the first person in this entire process who put their foot down, refused to continue the silence, listening and believing these women and immediately reporting everything he knew (including the names of those who were aware, Assistant Deputy AD Verge Ausberry, Sharon Lewis, Michael & Julie Sell as well as WRs Coach Mickey Joseph).

Looking at his actions during the Ed Ingram incident back in 2017, it's obvious what pattern of behavior Coach O falls under: honesty, integrity and even painful inventories which bring about required change.

The ball isn't just in Tristan's court...Orgeron needs to have some long conversations with Tristan, Aidan and Laura.


LSU's dynamic 2021 juggernaut quarterback Garrett Nussmeier injured his left hand in the final regular season game for Marcus High. Luckily this isn't a knock on his throwing hand, but "Young Jeaux" may have broken multiple bones in his left hand, damning his status for undefeated Marcus High's playoff run, beginning this next weekend.

Nussmeier will be seeing a specialist as soon as possible, and you'd think nothing short of being incapacitated by Catherine Zeta-Jones' witchcraft or being run over by a 38 wheeler truck would keep "Burrow 2.0" from Marcus' playoff run.

"Put 9's tape on from LSU last year. That's how I play," Nussmeier told 247Sports this fall. "That's the level I hope to aspire to play at one day, but that's the guy I feel like, honestly, my game models after a lot. I think that's why LSU's coaching staff was so drawn to me I believe. My job is just to go play. It just kinda happens naturally."


The Woodward Academy safety says he's "locked in" on his LSU recruitment and will enroll early!!!!! A big time lockdown safety grab for Bill Busch. Though his rankings may deceive many, his game tape and plays in the secondary led to DBU Coaches Corey Raymond and Bill Busch geauxing Tiger-wild for the young stunner.


During Lafayette Christian's 14-12 victory over Episcopal, Sage injured his hamstring as he scored on a long touchdown run with 3:33 left in the 3rd quarter. Scoring each of Lafayette's TDs from long runs of 56 and 49 yards, the 2021 LSU hard commit and jack-of-all-trades made huge plays which directly supplied Lafayette's playoff victory.

Ryan rushed 14 times for 178 yards and those 2 scores, ripping Episcopal's edge rushers apart and busting through their interior with panache, finesse and blistering pace (beguiling his opponents as if they remained frozen in time).....quick like a flash, Sage was gone in a blast.

It's looking as if Sage will miss at least the next round of the playoffs, although preliminary tests couldn't decipher the extent of his injury.



In conclusion, there are recruits who LSU would already have signed, sealed and delivered if they could quicken the pace of their investigation into the rape cover-up by F. King Alexander, Les Miles, Joe Alleva, Deputy AD Verge Ausberry, Sharon Lewis and LSU women's tennis coaches the Sells.

LSU need to find, identify and dismiss every single perpetrator of the rape allegations cover-up as well as being as transparent as possible immediately....this isn't going to just go away... until LSU does right by the victims and their families, they may suffer both on and off the field for the transgressions of those still with the program.

As I write this, I've been hearing there's strong news coming out about LSU President Tom Galligan attempting to oust Ausberry, Lewis and The Sells, only to be met by legal red tape in his pursuit for justice.

Galligan must push for their firing without hesitation...

IF those who allowed a rapist and a violent young man to continue attacking women sue the school, so what???

LSU is trying to do what's right, but will the legal red tape in their way make it a case of "too little too late" in regards to the 2021 class's top remaining targets?

It's crunch time....January 2nd is the day....




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