The LSU QB conclusion we had come to a long time ago, even as far back as December 2020, finally came to a head....

No, this wasn't fully settled on the practice field or the locker room (unless Coach O's recent remarks about the team "knowing" were about Max)....due to another potentially season-ending injury suffered by QB Myles Brennan, the starting quarterback position now falls to Max Johnson without debate or further analysis.

Max is now LSU's starting quarterback, true freshman Garrett Nussmeier is the backup and there's a few walk on candidates for the third string slot....and that's it.

In the back of many Tiger minds, this was the worst case scenario for the LSU quarterback room, a descent which began once TJ Finley transferred to was always one Brennan transfer or injury away from being a two man QB room....and that day is upon us.

On one hand, LSU are in a great position with Max as a defined starter heading into camp, no questions or worries over offensive philosophy, now;

On the other, I know Max loves to run the ball and that Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz will likely lean on RPO sets:

I understand part of what made him so successful in 2020 was his dual threat capabilities.....however, staring at a bone thin QB room sporting a freshman backup, how much will Peetz be willing to run the ball with Max?

Defenses will now dare us to run the ball with Max on the RPO, betting on the painful toll of their hits over his big play running's a scenario which could catch this Johnson-led offense at the worst time against top opposition.

Behind an offensive line which has major questions heading into the year, Max would probably have been the choice anyway for Coach Ed Orgeron; although now with the QB position so thin, a dimension to Johnson's game could be held back out of new injury fears.

The humerus injury to Myles Brennan is devastating....after last year's season ending abdominal tear, 2021 was expected to be Myles' one last shot at the starting gig. Watching his chance evaporate due to a freak fall aboard his family's yacht is a tough thing to swallow.

But LSU have to move forward into fall camp starting on August 5th.

There's no time to wonder, no time to wait and there's no time to spare complaining about losing our left tackle, two quarterbacks, a safety, a running back, and an O-line coach, while hiring an entirely new defensive and offensive staff....all in the same off-season.

...this team has already dealt with one headline this off-season after another, almost reminiscent of last year's frenzy...but something tells me this squad are far better equipped to handle the storm.

Remember, this is the group who braved the crazy weather and impossible situation of #6 Florida on the road, beating the Gators in the Swamp with 53 or fewer men on roster, then followed it up by dropping 53 points on Ole Miss, forcing nearly 10 turnovers in both games combined.

This unit has faced adversity with Max Johnson at fact, LSU are undefeated when facing insurmountable odds behind Johnson.

They'll need to call upon the "Max Magic" throughout 2021 in order to keep this 2-0 streak alive.




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