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Updated: Dec 18, 2021



It is now official:

Jake & his older brother Max Johnson have both transferred from LSU, staying within the same division and heading to ultimate rivals Texas A&M.....the last team Max Johnson played against, hilariously enough.

While this move has already ruffled a ton of feathers amongst the LSU Tigers fanbase, LSUODYSSEY.COM had to know what went behind the move, so we talked to both Jake & Brad, with a few comments from Max we'll keep off the record:

Despite the entire college football world barraging them with demands to reveal their next destination, Jake, Max & their parents Brad and Nikki were the only four to know the future move.

LONN: So they were all saying Max to South Carolina on Geaux 247, that didn't turn out right?

JAKE: We told South Carolina no, then they went to go get Spencer (Rattler).

LONN: Wow! All the reports were "Max & Jake to South Carolina" but your father told me "don't buy any of it".....he was right.

JAKE: Max wanted to go to Notre Dame as a joke (laughs). We are both happy & both excited

LONN: Who all came knocking?

JAKE: Had a lot of schools reach out, USC came calling......Texas A&M was the only one that either one of us wanted. Separately we said "we want this school". Worked out for both.

LONN: How you feeling now after this re-commitment?

JAKE: Doing good, glad all of it is over and now just get ready for it all.

LONN: Did you see this happening even a month ago?

JAKE: No. But when it went down with Max I was all in. I’m really happy the way it ended up.

LONN: LSU's last head coach disrespected Max throughout the sucks you guys left, but I understand why and I think the fan base should understand why, as well.

JAKE: I also am very thankful for the coaches at LSU that recruited me. I think that should be said and with whole new beginning and no staff in place, I felt it was in my best interest (to transfer from LSU). I’m now with coaches that I have known for four years at Texas A&M through the recruiting process.

LONN: What was it like talking with Jimbo?

JAKE: All ball. He’s watched all my film and talked about how I fit into the system.

LONN: What was the one thing that made you feel THIS is the place?

JAKE: I know a lot of the coaches there plus they have plays and actually throw to the TE. I have friends that go to school there, too.





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Robert McCoin
Robert McCoin
30 abr 2022

Max had every opportunity to succeed but blew it. He was horrible against Auburn and LSU held Bama to 7 that’s right SEVEN YARDS RUSHING but Max missed wide open receivers all day. Including one WR in the end zone where Max overthrew him on a 12 yard pass. He is awkward and looks uncoordinated at times. Max looks terrible under pressure. Just watch his play vs UCLA where if he ever would have been able to get a pass off quickly they would have stopped blitzing but it was obvious Max can’t handle pressure which is why UCLA left receivers open and came at Max all day and Max Johnson failed. Orgeron should have benched Max in the UCL…

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Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger
16 dic 2021

I do see how Coach O disrespected Max. Max arguably got O fired this year with his bad games against Auburn and Alabama. O let him play way too long and should have gone to Nuss sooner.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Coach O got fired because he was too busy chasing young women and not focus on recruiting or LSU Football . It wasn’t Max fault vs Auburn.... remember the LSU Defense couldnt stop Bo Nix.... and Max actually put LSU up.... as far as the Alabama game... Bama went up 20-7, and LSU had a chance to win that game, no offensive line, no running game. Nussmier is too wild, displayed that throwing the game away vs Arkansas in Overtime. if Max would of started LSU would of beat Arkansas

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Brian Kelly’s offense is known for being particularly TE friendly. I’m sure the off the records comments might be more insightful, but there is something much more personal at play here, though I know you handled this with total professionalism.

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Contestando a

Billy, thank you so much for deep diving on the site! We've got a mountain of content like this, hidden all over the site! I need to be better at getting it in front of your eyes! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, BILLY!

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