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Over his 3 seasons at LSU, veteran senior Jaray Jenkins has accomplished plenty:

Jaray is a member of LSU's 2019 National Championship offense, learning from Joe Brady while playing alongside Joe Burrow; last year, he caught the miraculous game-winning walk-off score vs A&M, hauled 4 career touchdowns in 2 appearances vs Florida (3 last season), and finished off his best year by way of 502 yards, 34 catches and 6 total trips to the end zone.....what hasn't he done as a Tiger??

Win a title as a starter, lead LSU's receiving corps as a figurehead akin to Jarvis Landry or Justin Jefferson, not just Robin to Batman...these receivers were captain material even if they weren't LSU's "#1 target"......and Jenkins could step into that brand of role...

Jena, Louisiana's pride and joy hasn't recorded 1,000 yards in a season yet, either....

But I feel Jaray is a man on a mission, coming back with unfinished business....carrying one more chance to push his Draft stock beyond our comprehension as of this writing.

Could he become one of LSU's memorable, transformative, transcendental players in recent times?

He already is if you know his story, suffering the devastating loss of his mother Dee Dee, after her 7 year battle with cancer in 2019.

Across consecutive seasons of growth following her passing, Jenkins honored her death bed wish "don't quit."

She knew it all along:

Jaray always had the talent & potential, but over 2020 and 2021, he began receiving sustained opportunities, honoring her memory through his breathtaking performance vs Florida or an iconic moment vs A&M, where Ali Gaye lifted a joyous Jenkins on to his shoulders following the receiver's winning touchdown.

Despite tough competition from Chris Hilton Jr, Kyren Lacy & Brian Thomas Jr, if Jenkins can add increased production on the field, his veteran status may break any deadlock, hopping over all sophomores on roster.

Could he form a Week 1 starting power trio alongside Boutte & Bech inside the Superdome vs Florida State???

Handling adversity in all forms with both poise and leadership, elevating his own game throughout spring and putting any younger challengers within LSU's WRs room on notice, Jenkins could be on hand for an explosive climax to his collegiate career.



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I am rooting for this young man in every way, as an LSU player and in life. I lost my mom when I was a young man. At that point, things are just different. You either focus on what you were taught or you drift. Jaray is focusing and respecting his mom’s legacy.

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Jun 13, 2022
Replying to

You understand what Jaray is going through and it's amazing to see our Tigers community rallying around each other!! Jaray liked the tweet of this article so hopefully he saw your comment

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