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Updated: May 18


Despite his 5 star prospect status or the fact he started (& impressed) at corner in the final few games of 2023, Javien Toviano has gone under the radar this off-season.

Including a Spring camp where he played a frequent amount of reps with the first & second team, rotating back and forth, Toviano's name was rarely mentioned outside of some transfer speculation which quickly flamed out.

Though a lack of microscopic attention from fans & media can be a great thing for a red shirt freshman cornerback, either due to quarterbacks being fearful of throwing his way, equaling lesser targets, or as an active consequence of lukewarm performances.....but neither category accurately defines the progression of Toviano.

While the former Martin High 5 star supplied solid coverage during Spring practices, receiving plenty of technique attention & drill work from Corey Raymond, he was tested consistently by a high-flying Kyren Lacy and Chris Hilton Jr , both catching long range passes on Toviano amid LSU's Spring 2024 scrimmages.

Regardless of the testing moments, #25 also won his own share of practice reps.

Thrown into the fire for his starting debut, an SEC West decider on the road @ Alabama, Toviano played well throughout a frustrating 68 snaps, attacking with aggression and tackling intensity rarely witnessed in 2023.

Recording 3 stops (negative or no gain tackles) and 7 tackles overall (5 solo), the freshman was credited with just a single missed tackle over 4 quarters.

During that same debut, Toviano was strong in coverage, allowing just 1 catch from 1 total target his direction for 10 yards, yet this was also due to the fact the Tigers defense couldn't stop the Alabama running game behind the legs of QB Jalen Milroe.

He'd also start against Florida & Wisconsin, playing 83 snaps vs the Gators and 57 against the Badgers in Tampa:

Against Florida, Toviano allowed a few big plays in coverage, giving up 5 catches from 7 targets for 89 yards, yet he also made plays that helped the Tigers win the game: recovering a Bradyn Swinson-caused fumble and breaking up 2 passes alongside a filthy allotment of 11 tackles.

Overall, 2023 was a half complete campaign for Toviano, playing some rare snaps vs Grambling, 10 plays vs Miss St, 1 single snap vs Arkansas, only 12 vs Army due to Matt House envisioning Javien as a project at safety....

...However, when starting corner Zy Alexander was knocked out for the year, Toviano was thrown into the deep end without a life jacket and made it to shore unscathed (302 snaps, 33 tackles, 1 FR, 2 PBUs, 1 TD allowed, 13 catches from 22 targets his way for 210 total yards surrendered)....a major success in my opinion when you compare his coverage statistics as a true freshman vs the best opposition receivers in the SEC, or when you look at his production next to Major Burns, Andre Sam or even the starting CB he replaced, Zy Alexander....all three were Mossed & bossed for 11 combined passing scores & 1,303 yards amid Matt House's historic defensive disgrace (Burns leading the way with 6 charged against him).

In fact, Javien thrived under the pressure.

If you ask me (which you're not, but I reckon I'll tell you anyway), I feel it's borderline disrespectful we're not hearing the former 5 star's name underlined as a premier secondary starter for the Tigers this upcoming year....
While discussing loads of other cornerback candidates, like true freshman stud PJ Woodland, unproven 2024 & 2023 Ohio State transfers Jyaire Brown & JK Johnson, and of course, Toviano's fellow debutant cornerback partner against Alabama, Ashton Stamps, many among the media are skipping over Toviano's proven high quality snaps against top tier opponents.
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The sample size may be smaller, yet the Texas Tiger is a force to be reckoned with...a talent possessing the potential to be a special playmaker at the backend....right when DBU needs one most.

Once again, this lack of attention and intensive expectation may just be the perfect recipe to generate Toviano's best form in purple and gold....under the radar to fans & most media members as he develops naturally from the teachings of position coach Corey Raymond.

At his best, Toviano is a pre snap-anticipating, athletically artistic, viciously hard hitting DB with improving, possibly elite ball hawking skills.

I hope he takes any opportunity with both hands and never relinquishes his grip.


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