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(Bishop Gorman, NV)


Out of perennial powerhouse Bishop Gorman, on the back of their second straight state title-winning season, Jeremiah Hughes stands out as the first cornerback commit of Brian Kelly's 2023 class, and one only needs to roll the tape to understand why:

After switching from wide receiver to corner in 2021, it is alarming how quickly Hughes became a prime defensive back:

Possessing excellent tackling in space, showcasing advanced coverage with his predilection for interceptions, batted passes and returning picks to the house, Jeremiah is the whole enchilada at once and I believe a player you cannot overlook.

Recording a ridiculous 7 interceptions last season for Bishop Gorman, Jeremiah also broke up 3 passes, made 21 tackles and now arrives at LSU feeling good, ready to work, learn and absorb as much information as he can....getting ready for the competition in Spring & August that lies ahead.

Could Hughes become a high impact freshman???

Due to DBU's lack of depth at corner, alongside Hughes' maturity, high IQ reading of the game, combined with his seasoned tackling & coverage skills, the answer is yes, LSU Odyssey feel Hughes is a player you must keep your eyes on as he develops at the next level under CBs Coach Robert Steeples.



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If this young man has enough physical maturity right out of high school, he could make an impact early. He seems to be a playmaker.

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Feb 22, 2023
Replying to

His tackling is the most incredible thing about him. He reads the game so well. Excellent vision and it informs every facet of his game

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