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There's an old football saying that goes "iron sharpens iron", meaning competition between multiple top players is always a good thing...in fact, rosters filled to the brim with NFL talent three, four deep in each position is chiefly why Erickson and Johnson's Miami used to run college football in the 80s and early 2000s (do I have to give Larry "Nosferatu" Coker credit???) or Carroll and Orgeron's dynasty at USC, Saban's terminally vain reign of tyranny...Clemson's bizarre CFP success and ultimate turnaround since 2012...

But since the turn of the century, and in the wake of Kevin Faulk's indelible stamp upon LSU recruiting, the Tigers weren't losing the Warrick Dunns of the world anymore, they weren't seeing the Ed Reeds of the world depart to Miami (Laron Landry nearly became a Hurricane a few years later), the motto of "competition breeds greatness" became a key ingredient in the gumbo of LSU's 3 championships and 4 title game appearances since 2004 (LSU beating Oklahoma), each run to the title helmed by a trio of vastly different coaches.

Our reliability on depth along either line, across the secondary, at wide receiver, in the backfield with a massive stable of running backs, at linebacker....stacking these positions was fine and always widely lauded....so why should quarterback be any different at LSU?

Steve Ensminger has flipped that script upside down through his development of Joe Burrow, the Heisman winner, National Champion, recipient of 18 other major NCAA honors and the #1 overall draft pick during this year's Trey Wingo buttchin festival of an NFL Draft.

The dood threw 60 touchdowns, 7 in a single half against the Oklahoma Sooners, their traditional ineptitude strangling the offense and in the end, letting down Jalen Hurts (as well as Baker Mayfield on the bloodsoaked Rose Bowl turf vs Georgia).

Now, he's also turned Myles Brennan into yet another Burrow disciple, still chomping at the bit to continue his own Tigers legacy, this time as a starting quarterback for the defending champion Tigers...and his success is highly likely, if not devastatingly definitive.

But after that lies Garrett Nussmeier, a brilliant pro style quarterback with a rocket for an arm and an early LSU commitment...however, as the only quarterback of the 2021 class, Nussmeier would ascend without any competition, albeit from 2022's Walker Howard.

This is where another soon-to-be Legend needs to take his place within the shallow LSU quarterback room:

Caleb "Superman" Williams", the sight of his red cape and iconic hair beefening up the possibilities to an uncontainable high.

Caleb's transcendent skill set could see him become too filthy to keep from the field, no matter what or who may stand in his path.

While at Gonzaga High, he dropping 88 total touchdowns (57 in the air, 31 on the ground), eclipsing 5,870 passing yards and 1,264 rushing...Williams isn't just a dual threat quarterback:

He's an infini-threat....

Within our delirious RPO action and concentrated pre-snap movements, backed by our complex protection schemes (set up by the best man in the business to protect Caleb, O-line Maverick James Cregg), Williams' ultra-rare finesse, bruising strength, breathtaking flash and molten right arm would become legendary.

Public Relations-obsessed Oklahoma will receive a nice participation trophy every season, but here at LSU legends never die...they become crystallized in our minds...in our deepest memories of sweetest satisfaction...this all becomes something more...something of a higher purpose: football can be spiritual when it's truly felt, it can take you to God....

Long after the banners high aloft in stadiums tatter and wear, long after the gleam of trophies fail to shine a light, legends are never forgotten...they live on in the fabled examples we carry on into our own daily lives...at LSU, our athletes aren't pieces of meat for an oil-rich, booster-bait program: they're family, no matter their success, no matter what they're stats were...these young men and women aren't just robots for our entertainment:

You're human beings like us and we're buying the ticket and taking the ride along with you if that's ok.

In this world of big money, high stakes college football, there's a lot of takers, manipulators, movers or shakers, agents and payments, fake fools and political tools...

But LSU always means more, Caleb, LSU always gives more...

A burgeoning young man full of dynamic talents deserves nothing less than the best, but in Baton Rouge, you'll be surrounded by the better:

Every day, we'll show you how to work like a professional football player, hell Caleb we'll be learning from you, too...every day you'll be part of our diverse culture and commitment to excellence at LSU, every day you'll be grinding to elevate your game above and beyond...

Announcing his commitment on the 4th is quite apt, as Caleb "Superman" Williams will become college football's most explosive quarterback during his collegiate career, wherever he chooses to geaux.

Williams must realize his intense potential at this point, and since he watched the epic LSU run to the title from a front row seat during a November 2019 camp at LSU, he knows first hand what the possibilities could be...the fact the ceiling has been blown off of this sucka by the most genuine world-taking, history-making Coach Orgeron.

They won't be able to stop you...Saban, Steele, Smart will have no Kryptonite for what you're about to lay down...








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