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FROM: College Park, Georgia

PLAYS FOR: Senior @ Woodward Academy

Strong / Free Safety

2021 Class Commit

(2019 STATS)

81 Total Tackles

59 As a Solo Artist

11.5 TFL

8 Passes Defended

2 Interceptions

2 Forced Fumbles

2 Fumble Recoveries

1 Sack




                    After LSU's breathtaking last few weeks of recruiting momentum (Jo Jo Earle, Liam Shanahan, Garrett Nussmeier, Zavier Carter, Landon Jackson), we had insider information we'd seal at least two guys this coming

                 ....To start off the miserable Monday we find ourselves battling through, we were all rewarded with the fantastic news of Khari Gee's commitment out of College Park, Georgia, the 18th ranked safety in the nation, 337th overall player and 28th best player in Georgia, rankings courtesy of

                  However, we need to highlight his best attribute above all:

                  When you consider how well a player can attack the line of scrimmage from the safety position, Khari Gee is one of the best available from the 2021 class, sporting a jack of all trades / flying deathstar mentality, utilizing supernatural instincts in the backfield, and boasting a football IQ rarely found in his position, at his age.

                   Floating from the SS spot clear up to the line, Gee reads plays like a linebacker or defensive end, stuffing runners before they've begun to pick up any steam, shutting their mojo down like an evening with Steve Martin in your bed.

                    He causes such havoc in the RPO action, blowing up would-be positive plays for 11.5 TFL (2 FF, 2 FR), ripping running backs to the ground, forcing inside runs to the no man's land on the edge, and setting up tackles or sacks for his teammates with his trailblazing pre-snap identification.

                   Khari displays a vital knack for throwing blockers away and staying tough in the midst of larger offensive linemen, laying on the sauce and punishing all in his path with venomous which shook a Hudl camera lens not too long ago.

                   Standing 6'3 while weighing 191, Gee isn't even close to his apex growth...which makes his upcoming relationship with Strength & Conditioning Gurus Shelly Mullinex & Tommy Moffitt all the more crucial to his development.

                   We'd like to see Khari gain a few pounds and top out around 210-215 by his first month on campus, adding some more weight to his legs (his upper body is already incredibly cut) in order to do even more damage within the wanna-be Saving Private Ryan histrionics of the trenches...

                   Here's where the fun part comes into play:

                   Possessing such versatility as the Georgia native does, Khari could play strong or free safety, outside linebacker (if he gains enough weight up to 220+), or replace Marcel Brooks as the prominent pure blitzer in our 2021 cheetah packages before his further a former wide receiver, Khari grew as an athlete over the last few years, proving to be fully adept in all phases due to his filthified, Southern fried athleticism.

                  Gee shows underrated pace, deceiving offensive linemen as he bullies past or through them, finishing the play off on the edge or bulldozing the chest of linemen as he crashes inside to bury the gaps.

                  But this isn't some "run stopper" you can throw over the top against, either:

                  Khari defended 11 overall passes, dislodging 3 with psychologically disturbing hits over the middle and catching 2 interceptions; his coverage skills seem primal from his time at wide receiver, Gee seemingly stride for stride, move for move with speedsters in the slot, as well, though his coverage in the slot against the best will be tested more during his final year at Woodward and at the next level.

                 Gee is a safety who can fight off a 5 star offensive tackle with the same athleticism he uses to stay glued on stick routes by the best WRs...a combined package deal rarely found in safeties.

                 Khari Gee is a solid 8.5/10 guy right now with intangibles at the safety position that even Bill Busch himself can't coach....the young man could become the next Grant Delpit, Jamal Adams...but the profile he reminds me of most in style of play?

        The violent, blindingly quick, instinctual, blitzing fervor of LaRon Landry.

                  We only see great things in Khari's future in Baton Rouge, stuffing stats, running games and magnetically consuming everything in the air which comes his way.

                  Welcome Khari, we're excited to see you play your senior year at Woodward before suiting up in the purple and gold baby.


- Could be 2021 freshman starter alongside Mo Hampton, Jordan Toles or Dakota Mitchell

- Will be an LSU All-American before he leaves the school.

- 9.9/10 chances Gee heads to the NFL



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