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Under the Friday night lights in Texas last fall, following his high-profile LSU commitment and subsequent domination as a senior, Kyle Parker became a household name among scouts, coaches as well as recruiting experts across America.


Overall, Parker reeled in 1,091 yards, 13 touchdowns (19 total) from 72 receptions, ending his Lovejoy career by also adding 251 special teams yards, 172 on the ground, and 6 additional scores, finishing with 19 total trips to the end zone and over 1,500 combined yards.

Yet it was his outrageous explosion against hopeless Argyle High which displayed the WRU freshman's truest intentions:

Flirting with history as he snapped 23 passes out of the air for 341 yards & 3 TDs (in a losing shootout vs Argyle), Parker appeared to commit pure sorcery after the catch against opposition defenders, effortlessly gliding through, around, and even over would-be tacklers.
Parker's exploits vs Argyle remain one of the most incredible single game efforts I am yet to witness over the past two years from any high school aged player....the performance became unfair....even video game surreal....

It is no wonder why we feel Kyle is the #1 rated 2023 WR out of Texas, regardless of the recruiting rankings; It appears LSU were in stark agreement, with his recruitment standing as another masterstroke for WRs Coach Cortez Hankton and Offensive Analyst Carter Sheridan (former Super Bowl winning New Orleans Saints WRs Coach).

(From left) WRs Coach Cortez Hankton, Kyle Parker, Head Coach Brian Kelly

Showing his progress during a few revealing pieces of film this spring (including a few catch and runs over the middle and a nice deep ball touchdown shot), Kyle's rise culminated in his solid public showing at the Spring Game itself:

Making 1 catch for 19 yards (only 2 targets), Parker's abundant pace up the sideline was almost too much for LSU's first team defensive unit, needing a sprawling hit from safety Greg Brooks Jr to stop his momentum;

LSU fans are now seeing flashes of Parker's renegade brand of next level attributes beginning to develop...right before our very eyes.

Another freshman entering the program on the back of a 1,000 yard senior year, holding a ridiculous record-breaking resume, Kyle "The Ruthless" Parker, eviscerated one defensive back after another across his final season at Lovejoy....and after his first Spring at LSU, Parker is beginning to echo his high school form at the collegiate level.

A speed freak, an aerial demon, a record breaker, an all-around talent at his position, a showman who has now found himself on college football's grandest stage of all, Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge: the location of WRU.....

.....the ending to this story should be absolute fire.


Thanks to LSU's coaching staff offering us a progress report on Parker, I project that Kyle, alongside Jalen Brown, would be my selection for the most game-ready freshman receiver on roster, and I expect his triple threat qualities (speed, agility, toughness) will garner stretches of playing time throughout 2023....possibly significant reps if Brian Thomas Jr, Chris Hilton Jr, and Aaron Anderson can't consistently lock down the #3 spot.



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