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Showcasing all of his gutty, shifty, hungry attributes during LSU's Spring Game this past April, Kyren Lacy responded to a disappointing 2022 with a fiery rise this up Death Valley when he created a jaw-dropping touchdown from out of nowhere.

Reaching above and behind to pull the ball out of the air with one hand, Lacy then made a diving safety miss, flying past him as he spun away, before stiff-arming and dragging defenders the length of the field for a magical touchdown, Spring Game or not. Underlining his potential as the talk of Spring, Lacy appears to be on a mission of redemption and salvation as he embarks on his final year of eligibility.

Dropping key 3rd down passes and proving to be mostly unreliable last fall (ranking 2nd on the squad in drop total at 4, creating a drop percentage of 14.3, highest among LSU receivers), while catching 24 of 36 targets for 268 yards, but receiving zero joy from the end zone, Lacy's stock crashed hard after a listless, lost first season as a Tiger. But after a hard working winter, forging an ever-sharpening steely mentality, the 2022 Rajun Cajun transfer is hunting for the top carrying full ambitions and boundless potential this fall.

A strong possession receiver capable of breaking it loose at any given time, Lacy could provide a multitude of value in Mike Denbrock's quest for offensive firepower, simultaneously offering a very rare veteran presence among Cortez Hankton's "youth revolution" receiving corps.

Led by two stud juniors, littered with freshmen, and featuring a couple showtime sophomores or red shirt freshmen (specifically Aaron Anderson), the elder Lacy is also viewed as a rising vocal leader by his WR peers.

Regardless of his effectiveness on the field, Lacy's constant sharpening of the LSU receivers' psychological edge, his demanding nature (of everyone, including himself), and his stellar example will pay major dividends within a very young WR room needing an experienced influence.

But that won't be comfortable reading for Kyren, now a senior......

This is the biggest season of his life....for his future, for his career....and he will do everything in his power to become the Tigers' most dominant wide out on the field, I'll guarantee you that much.

But while some are wildly, prematurely comparing him to Justin Jefferson as others name drop Ja'Marr Chase, I throw my hands up and say, "we cannot go that far just yet....we aren't even in the same galaxy, yet....he has to show us first....and that's ok...I want Kyren to feel doubted. He's better when he plays angry...."

Maybe a supernatural one handed catch touchdown during a spring game was the worst thing that could've happened for Lacy.....he seems to perform at his best when the chip on his shoulder is still bristling.....however, if that eye-popping play was merely a preamble, a devastating overture, a scintillating statement of intent for an impressive breakout season ahead from the senior Tiger, then we have a lot to be excited about as LSU Tigers fans.

At 6'2 and 212, Lacy possesses the body and strength to make it happen & the ball skills to ascend to that next level.....but can he make it happen amid a stacked receiving room in 2023???


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1 opmerking

I remember another Tiger wideout Brandon Lafell that had the dropsies in his first year. He found himself and had a very good career with the Carolina Panthers. I’m not saying Lacy will achieve that, but it is possible. I see parallels.

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