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Despite a massive NIL push from South Carolina, LSU welcomed former Notre Dame running back Logan Diggs back home for a weekend that will decide his 2023 future:

Back home in Louisiana, where Diggs played high school ball at Rummel, the running back was taken out for dinner alongside his mother, offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock, and RBs Coach / Associate Head Coach Frank Wilson.

We know Logan's mother AJ is firmly hoping for her son's return home, which is a big step in the right direction; we know Diggs has already formed a tight bond with Head Coach Brian Kelly enough to eschew LSU back in 2020 in favor of Kelly's Notre Dame.

Kelly's already signed Diggs before....

The question now remains: Will Logan Diggs feel he has a chance to be the guy within the Tigers' stacked backfield, or will he buy into the erratic uncertainty when it comes to John Emery Jr's availability or Armoni Goodwin & Josh Williams' health?

My pick?

The Tigers won't lose here....something is going on inside that running back room to the level where Uncle Frank believes he needs another running back in a room that, when fully healthy, would include John Emery Jr, Armoni Goodwin, Noah Cain, Josh Williams, Trey Holly and Kaleb Jackson.....that's a room of studs.

And when Frank is hunting for top talents, his charisma and personality, combined with his criminally underrated coaching & development abilities, often win out....specifically when the target is from Louisiana, has an entrenched relationship with both Wilson and especially Head Coach Brian Kelly, strength and conditioning coach Jake Flint (who may play an even bigger role here than many believe) and a plethora of other Notre Dame to LSU carryovers (safeties coach Kerry Cooks, offensive analyst Dean Petzing, etc).

I'm hearing Coach Wilson recruited the services of a former Tiger, a big name NFLSU Tiger to help make the pitch this weekend, however I haven't confirmed the identity (most likely Leonard Fournette or another running back, though don't rule out Tyrann Mathieu, or some other Tiger recruited by Wilson...the list could be long).


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Hope we hear good news soon. A long delay would not seem in our favor.,

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