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Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Jayden Daniels is partying like it's 2019.....
Another week and another unbelievable display from QB Jayden Daniels:
Following up his SEC record 606 total yards vs Florida with another barn burning, steambreathing quest for greatness tonight vs Georgia State, JD5 stamped a program-record-tying 8 total touchdowns, 6 through the air alongside 413 passing yards and 2 further rushing TDs (plus 96 more yards on the ground) as LSU pocketed Georgia St for an expected 52-14 win, becoming only the 2nd player in SEC history to pass for 3,000 and rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season.
Tying Joe Burrow's 8 total TDs vs Oklahoma (2019 CFP Semifinal), Jayden Daniels also sent his name back up to the top of 2023's Heisman list after the committee members get a load of his mind-expanding, expectation-defiling numbers;
While Mike Denbrock's offense has been a juggernaut all season, these past 2 appearances specifically displayed all that makes JD5 an otherworldly, transcendental talent....set apart by a homegrown brand of unstoppable athleticism we've never seen at the QB position, manipulating the field of play like it was his own personal playground, bending & breaking each defender before him as if they were pillars of salt, a pinch of scattered ashes left in his wake:
No wonder Nick Saban put out a bounty on you think Dallas Turner will have a fun time explaining to Draft scouts or GMs how a 210 pound quarterback embarrassed the Tide for 163 rushing yards over 3 quarters right through the teeth of his defensive front?

Against Florida and Georgia St, Daniels put up a Biblical amount of yards & total TDs as he led LSU to consecutive wins scoring 50+ points, doing it all in such a controlled, exacting manner, his performances even made former Heisman winning QB RGIII blush with jealousy, while 2007 winner Tim Tebow surely felt a sordid "thrill up his leg" watching JD5 turn his Gators into a molten football feast fit for a king:

1,115 total yards, 13 total touchdowns, 108 combined points, 42/56 passing, 785 passing yards, 9 passing TDs, 330 rushing yards, 4 rushing scores, snapping SEC, Division I and LSU records left, right and center, all as he set up 5 different 100 yard performances from his receivers (Nabers x2, Thomas x2, Lacy x1), LSU fans have only seen one other quarterback commit this sort of opponent annihilation & offensive sorcery....his name was Joe Burrow and the year was 2019.

Making his Heisman case as thorough as possible ahead of what should be a brutal final week clash vs A&M, Jayden Daniels continues to produce one spellbinding moment after another on a football field....creating such repeated, breathtaking brilliance on damn near every play, JD5's unstoppable will to win even forced former disgraced Michigan staffer Conor Stalions to finally remove his aviators in suspended animation and awestruck admiration at what he was witnessing.

It's as if JD5 just can't get enough of the game itself....

Playing the game is intoxicating for him....and watching JD5 play is intoxicating for any of us with a pulse....

The greatest dual threat QB college football has ever seen now has a legitimate shot at the Heisman, as well as a slew of other honors, including the Maxwell, Camp & Davey O'Brien awards.

That would be a career-defining haul for 99.9% of QBs, but it's only a tepid consolation prize for JD5, a signal caller who arrived in February 2022 looking to win a championship at LSU, just as Burrow, Flynn, Mauck, and Rabb accomplished before him.

Sadly, Jayden Daniels won't be able to cap his championship offensive form with actual team silverware, however, settling for a Heisman trophy, a Biletnikoff for Malik Nabers, and 10 wins is the main goal right now for LSU football.

Desensitized to his automated greatness, becoming more like a cyborg software run amok named Touchdown GPT than an actual human bound by the laws of physics, blood, bone and the limitations of the Christopher Lloyd space/time continuum, I wonder if Daniels' exploits will be penalized for their gratuitous ease...instead of studying the fact that no, this is a human being, only weighing just over 200 pounds....making SEC defenders look like the bizarrely dressed & strangely positioned mannequins we found at Jim McElwain's house.

After 11 games, Daniels is now at an insane 3,577 passing yards, 36 passing TDs, 1,014 rushing yards, and 10 rushing TDs....throwing over 300 yards vs 7 opponents, recording 8 games where he led an offense that scored in excess of 40 points, delivering 6 rushing displays at or above 100 yards (493 yards in the last 3 games alone).

More than a list of stats or potential awards, Jayden Daniels will be remembered for two things above all during his time at LSU:

While most will carve & massage the narrative that he settled LSU's program as it headed into an uncertain new era under Head Coach Brian Kelly, Daniels transformed the way LSU will forever play offense, and, if you take a gander at the next Tiger QBs in line (Nussmeier, Collins Jr, Hurley), Daniels is changing the way LSU recruit, develop and win at quarterback for many years beyond his tenure as starter.


After catching his 8th 100 yard game of 2023, Malik Nabers is now just 143 yards away from breaking Josh Reed's all time 3,001 career receiving mark.

LSU's offense featured three different 100 yard receivers on Saturday for only the second time in team history: Nabers 140 yards, 8 catches, 2 TDs, Thomas Jr 103, 4 catches, 1 TD, Lacy 101 yards, 5 catches, 2 TDs (other game: Texas, 2019).

Daniels' 413 passing yards was his 2nd all time career high, 1 yard shy of his mark earlier this season vs Ole Miss.

Brian Thomas Jr's 14 TD catches now places him 3rd all time for single season TD catches at LSU, passing Terrace Marshall's 13 in 2019.


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What an unusual year watching great offense while throwing up enduring this defense. I have watched KSU since 19f57, snd this defense is as bad as any I have ever seen

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Nov 20, 2023
Replying to

It's the worst LSU defense I've ever seen, next to 2013.


Great supporting stats fir the unbelievable Tiger. He is a war machine that every opponent has to fear.

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