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Updated: Dec 29, 2022



In a huge move within 2022's transfer portal wild west, Brian Kelly's LSU Tigers picked up one of the portal's most in demand prospects from eternal rival Alabama, obtaining an elite level talent many will remember across the state of Louisiana:

Former Edna Karr five star wide receiver Aaron Anderson, once an LSU commit under Coach Ed Orgeron, joined the Tigers on Sunday, only days after officially entering his name into the portal.

Just as we've seen with other recent moves, some collegiate student athletes are utilizing the portal as a chance for a do-over, especially when they have a chance to return home; consequently, Aaron Anderson's case rings of a second chance to play for the school he was always meant to represent.

Picking Alabama over LSU for his 2021 freshman commitment stung many within the fanbase and continued a theme of elite Louisiana talent leaving the state.

A few smart analysts believed Anderson was not only the top receiver out of the state of Louisiana from the 2022 class, but the #1 overall receiver nationally....and you can add our name to that list.

As top-rated, in-state skill position prospects Kendrick Law and Shazz Preston joined Alabama alongside Anderson, right as the Kelly era began its transition process, plenty of disdainful message board voices were heard ripping LSU's then wayward state of recruiting.

But in a year full of massive recruiting or transfer portal milestones for Kelly's hard-working staff, securing Aaron Anderson's immediate transfer from the clutches of Saban's Alabama is ruthless brilliance from Brian Kelly's regime.

LSU never forgot the talent they lost when Anderson left the state, a member of Saban's 2022 squad...playing just 3 offensive snaps during 1 single game.

Now, just think about this for a moment....

We know LSU lost considerable receiving talent in 3 players already, 1st round pick Kayshon Boutte, home state hero & top tier receiving colossus Jack Bech, now landing at TCU, then clutch playmaker and 2019 champion Jaray Jenkins graduated on his way to the NFL...however....

....let's see Cortez Hankton's 2023 receiving corps, as of December 18th 2022:

Malik Nabers

Brian Thomas Jr

Aaron Anderson

Chris Hilton Jr

Shelton Sampson

Kyren Lacy

Khai Prean

Kyle Parker

Jalen Brown

Landon Ibieta

That's just right now.....

There's still time for this group to load up on more talent via the portal, as we've forecasted previously in our subscriber only piece on a certain SEC receiver, also on the market.

For now, LSU already have enough firepower to kickstart any offense.



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Hoping he simply didn’t get a real chance at Alabama. Goodness knows he’s talented.

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