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Updated: Apr 18, 2023


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Rated as the 27th overall receiver in America by Geaux247, while sticking inside the top 150 overall players of the 2024 class, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ridge Point WR Ashton Bethel-Roman is rising ahead of Spring ball, clutching 16 D-1 offers thus far (with more on the horizon ready to land).

The list includes Purdue, Arizona State, Kansas State, and Baylor, though Bethel-Roman's process is far from the finish line, holding plenty of time to attract top SEC schools as he builds on his strong junior campaign.

Catching 37 passes for 892 yards and 8 TDs (24.1 per catch) as he helped Ridge Point to a 10-3 record & two playoff victories among Texas' 6-A level, Bethel-Roman produced the goods in 2022.

Alongside his natural ability on the field (we'll tell you where some of that comes from in just a second), you also have a young man with next level track pace:

In 2022, Ashton hit 22.40 for the 200 meter; this spring, Ridge Point's football & track star eclipsed that time at 21.5, proving he only continues to expand his speed profile ahead of his senior year.

If you recognize his last name, then chances are you know exactly why Ashton excels at both football and track:

His mother Ashley Bethel ran track for LSU during two separate stints, once from 1998-2001 and again in 2002 until 2004.

On the other side of the coin, his father happens to be LSU star safety Mark Roman, a four season starter and Thorpe Award finalist who began his Tiger career cast as the SEC's best Defensive Freshman of 1996.

Later, Roman's father became a 2nd round pick during 2000's NFL Draft, and played 10 years in the NFL for Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Green Bay.

So.....we have some of the ingredients that make up Ashton Bethel-Roman:

Mom's blistering track speed....

Dad's NFL bloodline.....

One question I have:

Will he also share & continue their LSU legacy???

Well, we had to ask Ashton himself to find out:

LONN: Your father Mark is an LSU icon in the eyes of real fans, and your mother Ashley ran track as a Tiger...they are both alums. So you grew up a Tiger fan, right??

ASHTON: Yes, grew up going to games and spring practices.

LONN: What are your memories from those times?

ASHTON: Spending time with my Dad, being around the team and on the field when the band comes out; being able to meet Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry. The whole atmosphere.

LONN: What's it like having a famous Tiger for a father and growing up in Louisiana??

ASHTON: Having a famous Tiger dad definitely has its perks when we are on campus. I didn’t grow up in Louisiana. My dad was in the league when I came around. I was born in Green Bay and grew up in California & Texas. But growing up we spent a lot of time in Louisiana, so it is like home.

LONN: Meeting Landry and OBJ??? Wow. Did that meeting, seeing them making those circus catches in 2013, did that make you want to be a receiver???

ASHTON: When I was younger, I played both sides of the ball. I wanted to be like my Dad but fell in love with being a WR. I was with my dad at one of the spring games and was able to meet them.

LONN: Your dad lit fools up. He was fun to watch. What made WR more satisfying for your personality and style than DB?

ASHTON: I can play both sides of the ball. Once I got to high school, I was a bigger asset at WR.

LONN: How would you describe your recruitment process and how it's going right now?

ASHTON: It is exciting. I am enjoying talking to the coaches and getting to know them.

LONN: I saw On3 gave you some big time love.

ASHTON: It’s nice to be recognized, especially with all the hard work I have been putting in. My goal is always to be better than the day before, so when it gets acknowledged, it’s real nice.

LONN: Which schools have been keeping in contact the most with you so far?

ASHTON: Texas Tech, Kansas State, Baylor, Purdue, and ASU.

LONN: Where is LSU in the mix? Have you been recruited by the Tigers??

ASHTON: No sir.

LONN: That is strange. I bet Cortez Hankton and Carter Sheridan will ratchet it up once spring is over. Who is the receiver you'd compare your own game to??

ASHTON: Justin Jefferson.

LONN: What is your biggest goal for your senior year?

ASHTON: To go for 1,500 yards with 50 catches and 15 touchdowns.

LONN: When are you planning on making your commitment announcement?

ASHTON: Some time in July.


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Justin Broussard
Justin Broussard
22 באפר׳ 2023

Man he got that pedigree and I sure hope LSU gets involved. I loved Mark Roman being from the Acadiana area. That DB room had Roman, Ryan Clark, Cedric Donaldson and some other ballers.

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