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Updated: Feb 13, 2021



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               As uncomfortable as the Walker High receiver can be in conversation, he's more than cozy leaping far above 5 Star DBs under the hot Friday night lights.

               The best receiver in the country is without a doubt Walker's Brian Thomas: the massive, lengthy, freakishly intelligent playmaker is considering 4 schools now, Texas A&M, Alabama, Georgia and LSU...but our crystal ball has him in a close race between LSU and Alabama.

               Although there's many variables to consider when you recruit Brian Thomas, the #1 thing Coach Orgeron and WRs Coach Mickey Joseph know very well:

                Bezzy catching passes from Mack Jones, Bryce Young or whoever the hell at Alabama is a worst case scenario for both Thomas and LSU, as well as a big hit to the wonderful 2021 WR group we've established so far.

                Make no mistake about it: Brian Thomas is a nuclear priority for Coach Orgeron's staff, as evidenced by our cutting edge offer extended a clear 5 months ahead of Alabama's own "counter-offer" as if Brian were a car for Saban to steal (offered in June of 2018, Alabama during November of the same year).