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-During an appearance on ESPN 104.5's Off The Bench, Derek Stingley Sr described freshman DT Maason Smith as the "biggest guy out there", saying "he's looking real good. I think they have a few injuries, I'm not sure, 'cause he's getting a lot of reps, he's getting a bunch of reps. Every time I look out there, I see him out there...and sometimes when I see the quarterback scrambling or where he makes an errant throw, I always kinda look back to...most of my focus is on the DBs of course, and then once I see the quarterback get out of the pocket,

my eyes go right back to the O-line, D-Line and I see Maason in the backfield or he's being held...or he's chasing the quarterback or getting some form of pressure and it's coming from right up the middle, too... so I mean this, once he puts all together and figures it out, he's going to be tough to deal with. I mean his siiiiiiize is unbelievable like he's the biggest guy out there. He's gonna be a dude in the SEC and the NFL for a long time to come."

"He's just a good kid, man...and he's putting it together."

Maason Smith is a colossus.

Straight up.

You are witnessing the rise of a player who could be one of the great defensive linemen in LSU history when all is said and done...that is the variety of G.O.A.T species we are seeing here before our eyes.

We don't want to hype the young man more than he already has been, but we're arriving at the juncture where hype equals oh man...what a goliath. A sack-trick (3 sacks) in his second LSU scrimmage, constant vicious pass rushing from up the gut, all while standing tall above peers twice his age.

Just as our D-Line preview predicted, it appears Maason Smith is "Geauxing Historic".

-DE/LB Phillip Webb wore a gold jersey during practice, looking to be nursing a small injury as he negotiated his way through drills. Though the unnamed ailment should limit him somewhat, he has had a fantastic Spring. One thing to say: Another injury is the last thing this beast of every opponent's burden needed.

-First up, a few Louisiana politicians are working relentlessly to subpoena Coach Orgeron for an appearance at the State Senate Committee on Women & Children.

Senator Karen Carter Peterson and State Rep Aimee Freeman are demanding LSU's Head Coach speak under oath.

"All options are on the table," Freeman said.

By the way, just because Coach Orgeron didn't speak, doesn't mean he has something to hide.

Also, AD Scott Woodward spent 7 hours waiting to testify at a previous hearing....

-In communications relayed to LSU Odyssey, a nationally syndicated Louisiana media source received messages from two former Tigers and accused Title IX violators:

Within these messages (screenshots from texts sent in reaction to the $50,000,000 "Price Is Right" Sharon Lewis lawsuit), one accused Tiger explained how he was already in the process of preparing his own legal proceedings against Husch-Blackwell and USA Today. He also goes on to say one of his former teammates, and another publicly accused player, would be joining him.

I am still working to establish a few things here, but you'll be the first to know.

-TE Arik Gilbert seems to be on the brink of either playing JUCO in 2021 or returning to LSU.

The wheel of fortune hinges on his ability to jump through the necessary academic hoops over the next month. We will know very soon, but I'm told a return to Georgia doesn't look on the cards.

-Derek Stingley Jr has already grabbed 3 interceptions through spring according to scrimmage tape. His father Derek Sr also said on Off The Bench there's a chance Sting could return for a senior season, something nobody expected to hear.

-Blake Baker is sticking with Damone Clark as his Mike linebacker through Spring.

-CB Jay Ward started every rep at free safety during the last few scrimmages, impressing coaches & teammates with his versatility, catching 2 interceptions.

-Coach O believes Jaquelin Roy and Joseph Evans are his two starting interior defensive tackles.



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SHOUTOUTS: Cedric Harris Sr, we're thinking of you bro. LSU DAN!!!

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