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It was midnight on a hot summer's night in of the state's best linebackers, Zach Weeks, was fast asleep in bed, but his phone was silently lighting up on the nightstand....when he woke up the next morning, he'd come to realize it was LSU Defensive Coordinator / Linebacker Coach Blake Baker ringing him late into the night.
The situation was all the more intriguing when you consider not only is Baker a top tier defensive coordinator and linebackers coach leading the charge at LSU, he's also currently coaching both of Zach's brothers, West & Whit.....what could the assistant coach be calling about???

Well, if you haven't heard, Oconee High linebacker Zach Weeks is a rising prospect around the high school recruiting landscape, climbing higher up the charts for recruiting sites & offer lists by the day, scouted at every camp he attends, game he plays, Weeks is a known commodity who's shifted under the radars due to coaching greed, more than one wants a good secret to get out...but the cat is now out of the bag regarding the Oconee High linebacker.

Already offered by Ole Miss & USF, with significant interest from Kirby Smart's Georgia, and a camp date ahead with Florida, Weeks' resume continues to thicken, but now the offer that may just kick down the doors has arrived:

When Weeks finally connected with Baker that next morning, they had a nice conversation followed by an official offer from the defensive coordinator, executing an official overture for the stud linebacker just 6 days from his LSU camp date. Weeks will be among many camping in Baton Rouge this coming Friday, June 21st....and now that day could possibly double as a visit (if permitted by NCAA rules).

Weeks told of the news regarding his offer from Baker and offered a few interesting quotes about what the future may bring:

LONN: Was this the first time you talked to Coach Baker?

WEEKS: Yup, he called me 4 times last night at midnight, but I was asleep and my phone was on do not disturb, so I told him to call me whenever (the next morning). We were having a good conversation about all the places I had been these past few weeks, our team (Oconee High) our upcoming season, and he said I "have a scholarship to go play for him".

I couldn't believe it, I was so excited.

LONN: What did you think of the LSU offer & the timing?

WEEKS: He said he was going to wait till I was at camp but he said he figured he would go ahead and do it. I know this is a great opportunity and honor to get the offer.

We will provide coverage of Weeks' camp appearance at LSU this upcoming Friday, check back with us on, where else but

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