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Updated: Feb 27, 2022








LSU boast strong QB depth, from the elder statesman Myles Brennan to electric second year slinger Garrett Nussmeier & 2022's #1:

Upcoming sophomore Garrett Nussmeier displayed strong potential and unique play extending prowess, then freshman slinger Walker Howard has all the tools to become a program legend.....yet, retaining wily veteran Myles Brennan (at the outset of a transition season) is a masterstroke.

Myles is a longtime LSU hero who was all but gone until this very author broke the news about Kelly's successful intervention (news that even Fox's Garland Gillen claimed wasn't true "Myles is not coming back to LSU").

Tiger fans have waited for Brennan to explode and go off for "his season" since 2017, however Joe Burrow and a series of injuries on or off the field prevented his purple and gold quest from becoming reality; Will the arrival of Brian Kelly, which forced Myles away at first, turn out to be Brennan's 2022 skeleton key?

Kelly sold Myles on a vision, obviously rooted in a slew of recent NIL offers, but could it also be a one year pact to name him LSU's starter, showing these young QBs the way, at least through camp?

Could this turn out to be the worst decision Myles ever made? Returning, likely promised the starting role, only to be booted for one of the young QBs at some later juncture?

Or is Brennan, as his social media account would attest, locked and loaded for a breakout 2022 as the Tigers unequivocal starter?

Following up his statistically gaudy performances as LSU's 2020 week 1-4 starter, Myles possesses the passing range, though can he escape a collapsing pocket? Can he extend plays for positive gains in the face of brutal pressure?

Can he sustain vicious hits to the abdominal region and keep playing?

On the other hand, can LSU afford to start one of their younger QBs in 2022, directly after the program's first losing season of the 21st century???

Is Kelly such a die hard Walker Howard fan that he's willing to ignite the Walker Era right now, beginning with his freshman season, much like Caleb Williams-Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma?

Where will Nussmeier fall among Kelly and QB Coach Joe Sloan's pecking order?

Heading into Spring, unless Brian Kelly has some random transfer portal QB arrival in mind, based on information and sensible realities, I feel Kelly opts for stability, tagging Myles Brennan as LSU's Spring practice starter, with second year QB Garrett Nussmeier (full eligibility left) at second string and freshman Walker Howard taking up the third spot.....but do not sleep on these roles switching throughout fact, a new quarterback's arrival through the portal or practice field could render this entire writing obsolete.

What kind of role will walk on Taivion Faulk play?

Due to the flux within LSU's roster at the moment regarding walk on Tigers, I'll leave those questions regarding Faulk (or even Matt O'Dowd's future) for another time.




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Kevin Howell
Kevin Howell
Feb 25, 2022

I hope Myles gets his one year to explode if his body is ready. It’s been a long time since he has been on the field.


Myles will probably start the season, but his durability is a big question. The new Strength and Conditioning folks are cutting edge, and if they can’t get him steeled for the physical grind of the SEC nobody will.

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