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Updated: Oct 7, 2021


by lonn phillips sullivan


Of course, after 2 losses in 5 games, getting outmanned by UCLA and choking at home vs Auburn for the first time since apocalyptic Y2K fears ran rampant across the country, 2021 LSU has many deficiencies, issues, problems, shitstorms, whatever you wanna call it...

2 losses in 2 games where we were favored, obtained early leads and fast offensive starts, only to completely capitulate under the fearful playcalling of Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz.

While LSU's OC is too busy striking poses in front of his office mirror, wondering if he's looking enough like Joe Brady from the booth cameras, there are still players on this team who have excelled...if not in a full 4 quarter performance, due to the offensive structure that surrounds them, then at least statistically.

Among those shining brightly for the team, despite all the struggles on and off the field for the program?

LSU's freshmen WRs, just as this very author and web site predicted endlessly....before many of these young men were even committed to the Tigers, I already started making photo edits or writing articles commemorating Mickey Joseph's incoming freshmen fleet of raging bull talents.