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Updated: Jul 11, 2020



                 What up LSU family? For those of you who dont know me, allow me to introduce myself:

                 My name is Adrian aka "A.D" aka "The Brandwagon" and I'm a certified football nerd.

                 I've loved sports, especially New Orleans Saints & LSU football since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

                Since I've become a brother and friend with LSU's Bootleg Shakespeare, better known as Lonn Phillips Sullivan, he has asked me numerous times to contribute something and give my perspective on LSU football to the Tiger family, so here we geaux:

                 My contribution will be something that I hope will create debate and discussion for the Tiger gang so after you read it, hit up Lonn or myself on Twitter @aperkins2113.

                 The tool I will use to create this discussion is my own personal LSU Mount Rushmore, the 4 LSU players that have increased my love for Tiger football with their greatness and swagger.

                 So without further adieu, LETS GEAUXXXX!!!!!



Let's get the easy one out of the way, Joe Burrow.

          When Joe Burrow committed to LSU the summer of 2018, no one in their wildest imagination saw Joey B becoming the all time great that he became and probably becoming the most influential Tiger in history.

           To truly understand why I included Burrow on this list I have to give the history of LSU quarterbacks in my lifetime:

           I've experienced the tail end of the Jamie Howard era, the toughness of Herb Tyler, the potential of Josh Booty, the aerial execution of Rohan Davey, the unquestioned grit of Matt Mauck, the unbelievable cannon arm of JaMarcus Russell, the incomparable leadership of Matt Flynn, the extreme disappointment of Ryan Perrilloux, the misuse of Jordan Jefferson, the "chuck and duck theorist" Jarrett Lee, the small bit of hope when Zach Mettenberger went ham for a year, and a plethora of other Les Miles era QBs.

              Outside of Tyler, Davey, Mauck, Flynn, Russell and Mettenberger, LSU hasn't had a good quarterback during the program's entire history.

              In the latter years of the Miles era the lack of at least adequate quarterback play cost our Tigers more than we could possibly know.

              The one true, defining sentiment about all the LSU teams of the last 20 years was always a repeated, fatalistic mantra: "if they could generate good QB play, they would be a national title contender or champion"....

              The impact of Joe Burrow fulfilled that prophecy.

              Joey B not only kicked in the door, he blew it up with a ton of C4 inside of a nuclear bomb.

              In his time at LSU, Burrow decimated no. 1 defense after no. 1 defense, threw for over 8,000 yards and 76 touchdowns, but more importantly, he has help changed the perception of what an LSU quarterback can an LSU quarterback should, how they must be.

              No longer will the quarterback at LSU be a game manager, throwing for less than 200 yards a game.

              Now an LSU quarterback can come in and set the SEC ablaze with our skill position guys' heart full of napalm skills and Ensminger's pedal to the metal playbook.

              Joey B proved a quarterback at LSU could not only win the Heisman but own the honor by the biggest landslide in Heisman history.

             Because of Joe Burrow, LSU is now a destination for top level quarterbacks to show the world how good they are;

              Death Valley is not a place where purple & gold offensive talent becomes a wasted litany of "what coulda been?"'s an arena where the dreams of opponents come to die.



When he committed in 2008, Patrick Peterson was already one of the biggest recruits of all time within LSU's great history.

             The #1 ranked cornerback in the 2008 recruiting class, the Pompano Beach native was expected to be great when he came to Baton Rouge and Pat P. didnt let us down.

             Peterson was a big, physical corner with the speed to keep up with elite wide recievers from the SEC, guys like Julio Jones and A.J. Green.

             Pat. P also had electric speed and playmaking ability that he showcased in his lone year as a punt returner at LSU in 2010.

            Why is Peterson on my LSU Rushmore?

             He accepted the mantle of being a top Tiger, as well as fortifying the great tradition of LSU's DBU Brotherhood.

             He elevated the level of many Tiger DBs who played alongside him or followed in his footsteps.

            All of Pat P.'s promised greatness was delivered upon when he won the Bednarik Award (best defensive player in CFB) and the Thorpe award (best DB in CFB).

           Peterson was also a 2 time all-American and 2 time all-SEC performer. Although his teams never won a national title, the defenses he spearheaded were championship worthy, with great players at every level.

           The great Tiger defensive backs that have followed Pat P, like Tre'Davious White, Morris Claiborne, Jamal Adams, Grant Delpit, Greedy Williams etc, have all taken the "Pat P / DBU challenge" laid out before them and elevated the Brotherhood even further.

            Patrick Peterson, the forefather of the No. 7 club, came to Baton Rouge, showed up and showed out at every turn and will forever be remembered as a DBU Brotherhood legend.



One DBU Brotherhood great I left off the list of Patrick Peterson's successors?

           Tyrann Mathieu.

           Tyrann is probably the greatest member of the LSU DBU Brotherhood.

           The undersized 3 star cornerback from the 7th Ward of New Orleans, exploded out of historic Saint Augustine high school in 2010, though the New Orleans Turnover Ninja was not highly recruited by SEC powers.

            But, he made a huge splash at an LSU camp and the players let the coaches know they couldn't let Mathieu sign for anywhere else but Baton Rouge's Tigers. 

            The minute Tyrann touched the field at Death Valley, he changed the game. The Honey Badger made plays all over the field and was a game-changer on defense: a forced fumble or a pick six waiting to happen...

            Whether playing corner, safety or nickelback, Mathieu wreaked havoc on offenses all over the SEC and college football. When the offense would struggle to amass any points, Tyrann would get an interception, cause a fumble or get a strip sack that would all but assure points for the offense.

             Other times, he'd take the INT or fumble to the house himself or just wait for the punt on 4th down and put the opposing teams punt coverage team in a whirlwind of devastation on his way to the endzone. 

           The Honey Badger's legacy is cemented in LSU lore and this list because he is the founder of the No. 7 club at LSU.

            By asking Patrick Peterson for his number 7 (when Peterson went to the NFL in 2010), Tyrann created the mystique and wonder surrounding the #7 jersey.

            Mathieu also pulled the damn near impossible task of not only recieving votes for the Heisman but being invited as a finalist for the CFB's top honor, strictly as a defensive player.

             Tyrann's impact has been felt by current LSU players such as Mo Hampton, whom wears Mathieu's initial number 14. Tyrann Mathieu went from under recruited small corner to one of the greatest LSU players we will ever see, a true G.O.A.T.



Kevin Faulk is on my LSU Mount Rushmore for being the Louisiana kid that changed the perception of LSU within the state. 

           Faulk came out in the time before ESPN, 24/7 Sports and Rivals all ranking recruits with the "star system", but he surely would have been a 5 star if they did. 

           When Kevin was being recruited in 1995, the top notch talent Louisiana produced didn't even bother to look at LSU:

            Local guys such as Peyton Manning, Kordell Stewart, Mickey Joseph & Vance Joseph and Warrick Dunn left the state to play major college football, everywhere from Tennessee, Florida State or Nebraska...

            Faulk changed all of that when he committed to LSU from Carencro (LONN: he may not have won a Championship for LSU as a player, but Faulk's "taking of the punches" during the late 90s earns him a share of each one of our trio of 21st century rings. 

          What coaches Saban, Miles and Orgeron or players like Dorsey, Burrow, Mathieu and Peterson established and proved started back when coach Gerry DiNardo was able to get the eternal #3 to stay home and play. 

           And when Faulk touched down in Red Stick, he didnt waste time proving he was as good as advertised. Faulk put in ultimate performances time after time that eventually lead to him becoming LSU's all time leader in rushing and rushing TDs. 

           But the biggest reason "All Eyes On 3" must be on this list? 

           His commitment became the turning point for the next 30 years of LSU football, claiming its spot as one of the truly elite top notch programs in the college football world.

           Faulk, as you all know, is now the running backs coach helping keep the legacy he started alive and I know the Tiger family is glad to have him home.

So there you have it Tiger family, my first foray with LSU Odyssey and I hope I didn't disappoint and was able to give you all some moments of fun and distraction with all we are facing nowadays. 

         I would love to hear from all of the LSU Tiger football family's versions of their own LSU Mount Rushmore and how they all vary, so hit me up on the twitter @aperkins2113 and lets have some fun and debate. 

        Before I get out of here I want to shoutout my Tiger fam: Jamer, "Tony" the great athletic director, Peggy the bag queen, my #ftte Kort, Harold, Chase H. the Oracle, AG, Ace, Kyle, Chase the Shadowmaster, Sam and his horrible taste in fruit drinks, the greatest drunk I've ever met Clay, Josh Guillory, NK and if I forgot you, blame it on my mind not my heart. But last and in no way least is my partner in crime and LSU brother 4 life, Mr. Lonn Phillips Sullivan (simmer down Sullivan)!

And for the rest of the college football world, I say: #GeauxTigers, #WRTS 2020, 2021, 2022 until forever because....

We Still Comin' 


We Aint Never Backing Down

1 Love,

Adrian Perkins











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Bruce Kash
Bruce Kash
Jul 11, 2020


Enjoyed your article! However, as an older Tigah fan, I have to take exception to your quarterback statement that "Outside of Tyler, Davey, Mauck, Flynn, Russell and Mettenberger, LSU hasn't had a good quarterback during the program's entire history". In 1972, LSU Quarterback Bert Jones finished 4th in the Heisman Trophy voting.

Jones starred at quarterback at LSU in the early 1970s under head coach Charles McClendon where he, as part of a two-quarterback system in 1970 and 1971, helped the Tigers to 27-8-1 overall mark in his three years at the school. The Tigers also posted a 12-3-1 Southeastern Conference record under Jones' direction, which included claiming the 1970 league title with a 5-0 record.

Jones became LSU's…

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