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Updated: Apr 12, 2021



We will be posting and updating this piece throughout the day with more info as it comes. Stay tuned and glued.

Happy Sunday peoples!

Without you, The ODYSSEY isn't possible.


-Of course, due to the inclement weather, the Saturday scrimmage was moved inside the LSU practice facility.

-FS Jay Ward grabbed his 3rd confirmed INT of spring, but this time he reportedly took the pick to the house. No word on who the pick was thrown by but I had one source tell me it was Myles Brennan.

What a monster spring he's having.

-Also, DTs Maason Smith & Jaquelin Roy went off for a few sacks, a litany of pressures and some throttling hits on runners in the backfield.

One spectator said he witnessed 5.5 TFLs for the pair.

Though we continue to hear Coach Orgeron rave about Joe Evans, it'll be impossible to keep this pair from starting along the interior D-Line.

-It looks like Andre Anthony is starting DE over B.J Ojulari at this time. Every rep we had access to showed Anthony taking the majority of snaps and the first of many drives, although he was also kicked inside on occasion, with both Ojulari and Anthony rushing off the edge.

-Neil Farrell Jr was really good on Saturday, making plays and provided a chaotic influence on the interior.

-Many sources kept telling me about Joseph Evans being special and every time I watch his scrimmage reps, he blows my mind with his aggression. Extremely explosive off the line and has an immaculate LOS IQ.

- I have a strong source who had this to say about QBs:

"Max looks really good out there. Max is very sharp and knows where to go with ball and is very decisive with it. They both make a lot of plays together."

-3 QBs threw interceptions, except Myles Brennan.

-RB Ty Davis-Price is continuing his recovery and has excelled big time. He had a few gashing runs and made some fine catches, showing his agility is back.

About the defense overall:

The defense looks very organized up-tempo. I think they are gonna have a great year."

-"Both sides of the ball are looking really good, O-Line and D-Line improving each other, WRs and CBs, but safeties and LBs are starting to make some big, big hits. Making some plays...big plays..."

-Watching his brother out there during scrimmage?

2022 LSU target Jake Johnson, aka the best tight end in America out of Oconee High in Georgia.

Both Jake and his brother Max were on the same Oconee squad which reached the state title game last year in Max's senior odyssey.

Due to the dead period he couldn't speak to any coaches, but I'm sure the Johnson family loved watching Max compete for the starting job.

-Because of the spring game being so close, coaches wanted an extended look at guys like LB Antoine Sampah, WR/FB/TE/HB Jack Mashburn, LB Jared Small among others saw plenty of reps.

-WR Kayshon Boutte had himself a day, rushing and scoring for multiple touchdowns and pulling off dizzying plays from 3 different positions and about....8 or 9 different points of attack at the line?

He made a few guys miss in the backfield, pulling off nasty moves during scrimmage.

-WR/TE Devonta Lee caught some great passes, including an unreal circus catch we saw a photo of:

I will keep asking around.

Footage received now.



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2 commentaires

Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
12 avr. 2021

Just updated with tons more info after we watched a lot of footage and talked to other witnesses.


Lonn Phillips Sullivan
Lonn Phillips Sullivan
11 avr. 2021

We've already updated the piece so please keep checking back if you want the best LSU info. We're getting more tape in an hour as well.

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